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  17. DevPro down for almost 4 days. What's going on ?
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  21. So WHO'S HYPED?!
  22. Hellooooo Phantom Dragon
  23. Prince of the Salt Water
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  35. The 2016 Happy New Year Thread
  36. Wine or Cheese?
  37. What is the most convenient Yu-Gi-Oh! app for Android?
  38. Pokemon VG- If Gen 7 Region is Germany
  39. Could Kaiser and Magnus from Maplestory Inspired The Creation of Luster and Vector?
  40. What happened to YGOPro/DevPro
  41. Lost Connection = Rage Quit?
  42. Games i should acquire in 2016
  43. ygopro
  44. If Uno was an anime/manga
  45. OCG Jack Atlas' decklist on maxut blog ?
  46. [X] [Y] Ritual Dragon
  47. What do you guys think about fanfiction?
  48. Missing Holos/Cards. Has this ever happened to you?
  49. Shold we make a Celebration Party for Sangan's Comeback ?
  50. Make your own summon chants!
  51. Dueling in a Yugioh Dead Zone
  52. What if Super Heros/Villains had Decks
  53. Good chance I'll be leaving the game, now...
  54. Targeting Discussion/Rant
  55. Yugioh dying out?
  56. Scroll Play Reroll on Kickstarter
  57. Sega endorses romhacking on Steam
  58. TDIL, DSOD and CPF's revealed cards not appering in the latest YGOPro version.
  59. Your (or your opponents) most silliest/dumbest dueling moments
  60. Ygorganization Discord Rules
  61. Hellraiser: Shadow Realm
  62. Duel Transer and the Card Scanner
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  65. Defining effect for each Yugioh monster type
  66. Digimon Universe Applimonsters a.k.a. ARC-V rip-off.
  67. Yugioh using real HOLOGRAMS!!
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  69. Dueling Network is DOWN until further notice!!!
  70. I can use that image to my signature?
  71. Right ratio for Pendulum decks.
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  73. Tf happened Yesterday?
  74. Pokemon Go discussions.
  75. No threads for new articles?
  76. My Darklord deck
  77. YuGiOh VX Ace Main Thread (Game Title TBD)
  78. How and why was my Christen57 account banned?
  79. I just want a fresh start.
  80. Just for Funsies: Pick theme music to go with card
  81. What Yu-Gi-Oh duels look like on Tumblr
  82. Entermaid origin
  83. OCG Dimensions Box with new sexy Odd-Eyes print <<<<3333
  84. Concept: Boss mode Challenge
  85. well, its that time again
  86. Let's discuss about the next Star Wars movies
  87. Takahashi trying VR painting
  88. [UNOFFICIAL] Master Rule Updates – Special Summoning Extra Deck Monsters
  89. Team Rocket takeover of Silph Road!
  90. Just going to leave these here, hopefully I'm not the only one here familiar with 40K
  91. Opening Duelist Saga
  92. Download for ygopro percy
  93. The Detox of 100% Aloe Vera Juice
  94. Opening 33 Random Blister Packs from WalMart
  95. Opening a 1st Edition Hidden Arsenal 4 Box - Insane Pulls!
  96. Retro Pack 2 Box Opening
  97. 1st Edition Cybernetic Revolution Box Opening! With Beer!
  98. Opening a 1st Edition Elemental Energy Box
  99. 1st Edition Shadow of Infinity Box Opening! The Nostalgia!
  100. 1st Edition Raging Tempest Box Opening! Bread in a Can!
  101. 1st Edition Photon Shockwave Box Opening!! Weird Beer!
  102. 1st Edition Crossed Souls Box Opening!!
  103. 1st Edition Maximum Crisis Box Opening! Malt Liquor! Get Drunk!
  104. 1st Edition Maximum Crisis Box Opening! Part II! Get Drunker!!
  105. 19 Random Blister Packs from Walmart! Put on yer blue vest!
  106. 1st Edition Secret Forces Box Opening!! Blue Cards!! Not Link Cards!!
  107. 1st Edition Lost Millennium Box Opening!! Furry Winged Friend!
  108. 1st Edition Strike of Neos Box Opening!!! Best Set Ever?!
  109. Master Guide 5 Lore Translation
  110. 1st Edition Dimensional Guardians Box Opening!!! Beat the Heat?!
  111. 1st Edition Dimensional Guardians Box Opening!!! Second Impact!!!
  112. 1st Edition Duelist Alliance Box Opening!! Birth of Pendulums!
  113. 1st Edition Soul of the Duelist Box Opening!! Best Box Color Ever?!
  114. 26 Random Blister Pack Opening! Walmart Luck!
  115. 1st Edition Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy Box Opening!! Regional Report!!
  116. Real Life Hair Styles that that look like Yugioh hair.
  117. 1st Edition Duelist Pack Kaiba Blister Case Opening!!!
  118. Dark Revelation 4 Random Booster Packs Opening!!! 24 PACKS!!!
  119. 1st Edition Pendulum Evolution Box Opening!!!
  120. 1st Edition Dimensional Guardians Box Opening!!! Second Impact!!!
  121. 1st Edition Battles of Legend Box Opening!! Back for the Attack!!
  122. 1st Edition Battles of Legend Box Opening!! Thar She Blows!!
  123. 1st Edition Dragons of Legend 2 Box Opening!!! Off the Chain!!!
  124. 1st Edition Starstrike Blast Box Opening!! Corn = Cake for Deer
  125. 1st Edition Code of the Duelist Box Opening!! Poor Air Quality!!
  126. 1st Edition Code of the Duelist Box Opening!! Smoke if ya got em!!
  127. 23 Random Blister Packs from Walmart! Get yer stuff and get!!
  128. 24 1st Edition Duelist Genesis Packs!!! Guts n Beer!!!
  129. 2x 2017 Mega Tins!! Kaiba and Yugi!! Beer!!!
  130. Black Rose and Exarrion Tins!! Classic Tins!!! Beer!!!
  131. Team Drinking!!! Code of the Duelist!!! Whiskey!!! Get Drunk!!
  132. 1st Edition Legendary Duelists Box Opening!!! Clear Eye for Red Eyes!
  133. 29 Random Blister Packs from Walmart!!! Setting off some alarms!!
  134. 1st Edition Circuit Break Box Opening!!!! Sponsored by School Lunches!!!!
  135. 1st Edition Shadow Specters Box Opening!!! Sponsored by The Prostitute's Ghost
  136. Finally!! Link!! Ygopro Percy is here!! Release version 1.034.0 beta links
  137. 1st Edition Circuit Break Box Opening!!! Sponsored by Claw Gloves!!!
  138. Team Drinking!!! Circuit Break!!! Whiskey!!! Get Drunk!! Sponsored by Little Ceasar's
  139. Meu pai tá durasso
  140. 1st Edition Legacy of the Valiant Booster Box!!! Sponsored by Brown Bag of Chili
  141. 41+ Blister Pack Opening from Walmart!!! Too many packs!! Sponsored by Hog Chasing!
  142. Double Spirit Warriors Box Opening!!! Two Boxes!!! Sponsored by Bedoof!!
  143. Random Packs!!! Found Under a Shelf!!! Sponsored by Card Shop Scented Candles!!
  144. Potent Yugioh Blister Packs!!! More Walmart Mayhem!!
  145. Intrinsic Yu-Gi-Oh Blister Packs!!! Sponsored by Victorious Freedom Church!!
  146. Lustrous Yu-Gi-Oh Blister Packs!! 54 of Em!! Sponsored by Beard Oil!
  147. Frenzied Classic Random Pack Opening!!! Sponsored by Beard Oils!!!
  148. Extraordinary Classic Random Pack Opening!!! Sponsored by Beard Oils! Retro Pack 2?!
  149. Fervent Extreme Force Box Opening!! Yu-Gi-Oh!! Sponsored by Beard Oils!!
  150. Magical Extreme Force Box Opening!!! Yu-Gi-Oh! Sponsored by Beard Oils!! BEER!!
  151. Fresh Legendary Collection Kaiba Double Box Opening!! Sponsored by Beard Oils!!!
  152. Yu-Gi-Oh!!! Team Drinking!! Extreme Force!! 6 SECRETS?! Sponsord by Deck Lunchbox!
  153. Inspring Code of the Duelist Box Opening!! Yu-Gi-Oh!! Sponsored by Beard Oil!!
  154. Savage Legendary Duelists - Ancient Millennium Box Opening!!! Yu-Gi-Oh!!
  155. Eccentric Legendary Duelists - Ancient Millennium Box Opening!! Yu-Gi-Oh!! Beard Oils
  156. Commanding Yu-Gi-Oh Blister Packs!! 70+?! Classic Packs Too! Sponsored by Beard Oils!
  157. MORE Classic Random Packs!! Yu-Gi-Oh!! Blasts from the past!! Sponsored by Beard Oils
  158. Hi Everybody!
  159. Maximum Yu-Gi-Oh Blister Packs!! Mystery Box Mayhem!!! Sponsored by Beard Oils!!
  160. Classic Tournament Pack 5 Box Opening!! Yugioh!! Sponsored by Beard Oils!! BEER!!
  161. ENTIRE BOX OF OTS PACK 7!! 100 PACKS!! Ultimate Rares and Beer!!
  162. Beef n Cheese! Flames of Destruction Box Opening!! Sponsored by Cuppy's Ammo Shack
  163. Flames of Destruction Box Opening PART II!!! More beer!! More cards!!
  164. 1st Edition Millennium Pack Box Opening!! It's RAW!! Sponsored by Wet Fries!!
  165. Yu-Gi-Oh! Best/Insane Hidden Summoners Box Opening! Ever!! Dog Dude's New Year's Bash
  166. A Farewell
  167. Drunk in Deep Snow