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  1. The Emperors Rise - Monarchs
  2. Performapal Resonators
  3. The Immortality of the Infernal Infinities.
  4. Nirvana, I can feeling it Burning into the Abyss
  5. Towards Victory, with Gusto!
  6. Reverse Aromage
  7. Dread's Decks: Wicked Canon
  8. Mash-up deck: G-HAT
  9. What's a mob to a king? What's a king to a god? [Monarchs]
  10. The Kings are Grey
  11. OCG Nekroz as per September 2015 Banned and Restricted List
  12. Symphonic Warriors from the Interstice
  13. Burgesstoma - They're a trap!
  14. Dark Performance
  15. The Will of the Emperor - Monarchs [OCT 1st Banlist]
  16. Who Says Grown Men Can't Play With Toys? U.A./HSR
  17. Dinner and a Show
  18. First of many Odd-Eyes?
  19. The Clothes Have Eyes - Phantom Knights
  20. The Path of the One - Level/Rank 1 Deck
  21. Pendulum Synchro (Too many archetypes in a single deck to come up with a good name)
  22. Odd-Eyes Spectrum Dragon
  23. Dread's Deck's Hi-speed Genex
  24. Mecha Phantom Speedroids
  25. Synchro-Eyes
  26. Insectipede Cemetery
  27. Deskbot Dinomist Synchro
  28. Vanilla Dracorulers
  29. EM-Dracoslayers
  30. Raidraptor (Pure Build)
  31. Yesterday, a kid's amusement. Today, an adult's nightmare (Performapal/Speedoid/HERO)
  32. Burgesstoma Deck
  33. Phantom Speedroids
  34. Pendulum Senet Switch
  35. Shining Eyes of Blue ! Blue-Eyes deck display feat. Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
  36. Kaiba's Pride and Joy (Blue-Eyes Deck November 2015)
  37. The Great Divine Dragon with Eyes of Blue (Blue-Eyes Felgrand Deck December 2015)
  38. Galaxy-Eyes Divine Dragon
  39. Prediction princess ft. Radiant bird vene
  40. Rank-Up Ruri
  41. Kentaurus Forest deck (posted for discussion, not mine)
  42. Cubic deck Help would be very much appreciated
  43. Ebony dragon with burning Eyes ! Red-Eyes deck (feat. Red-Eyes Insight)
  44. Pure Metalfoes No Yang Zings, Apex Avians, or Kirins here
  45. Trying to make Cardian work
  46. Felgrand Synchro
  47. Fusion D-HERO Deck
  48. Greedy Fusion. Fusion Red-Eyes deck feat. some Yuri's cards (replay + decklist)
  49. The Summoner and his Carnivorous Plants. Predaplants deck feat. Eidolon.
  50. The Dragon slashing into your flesh ! Red-Eyes Feat. Link Monsters and DP's support !