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  1. Red Deamons King Calamity ruling
  2. Shaddoll Fusion vs Artifact Sanctum summoning Artifact Scythe ruling
  3. Attack the Moon! and Reverse-Flip Rocks
  4. Infernoid summon ruling
  5. Some ruling questions regarding Future Visions
  6. Infernoid Devyaty
  7. Rulings question: Kyoutou Waterfront and Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua
  8. Uniflora and Obedience Schooled
  9. Ring Of Destruction Ruling
  10. So I have a question about Cyber Dragon Nova....
  11. Ruling question: How does card of demise resolve?
  12. Welcome to the Rulings Section *READ BEFORE POSTING*
  13. Necro Gardna vs Superheavy Samurai General Sango
  14. Ojama Trio - How I do use it's effects
  15. First of Dragons and fusions
  16. Misak vs. Kozmo
  17. Ignoring the summoning conditions- Does it work on everything?
  18. 2 Volcanic Counters - How do I use their effects
  19. Raidraptor Ultimate Falcon - Its third effect's duration
  20. Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon Protection Ruling Question
  21. Blackwind Blizzard the Far North - Special Summon effect question
  22. D/D Proud Ogre and Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon
  23. Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon as an Xyz Material
  24. Wizard Buster Destsruction sword , Buster Whelp combo?
  25. Solemn Warning vs Dark Renewal: Ruling Question
  26. Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 as Ritual fodder
  27. Yosenju Left Pillar vs. Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss
  28. Tributing a Monster Unaffected by Card Effects
  29. Kozmo vs Destiny HERO - Plasma
  30. Al-Lumi'Raj summoned with Wanghu out
  31. Tatsunoko and Fabled monsters
  32. Theinen the Great Sphinx and A Wild Monster Appears!
  33. Thunder King Rai-Oh vs Special Summons
  34. Mistaken Accusation question
  35. Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei vs. Forbidden Scripture
  36. Bottomless Trap Hole vs Norden
  37. Kozmo Tincan Vs. Majespecter Tempest
  38. Starve Venom Fusion Dragon's second effect
  39. Laggia vs. Panther Dancer
  40. Detonate and Multiply
  41. Psy-Framelord Omega and Pot of Cupidity.
  42. Red-Eyes Burn and Red-Eyes Fusion
  43. Power Filter vs Continous Decreasing ATK Modifiers Question
  44. Negating "Even after this card leaves the field" effects
  45. Destiny Mirage
  46. Citri and Quon
  47. Phantom King Hydride Vs. Effect Negation (and a question about Unclassified effects)
  48. Every Ruling Resource Ever
  49. Masquerade vs. Kozmos
  50. Odd-Eyes Advent
  51. Blue eyes spirit dragon vs soul charge
  52. Thousand Eves Restrict vs Replay Rule
  53. Pianissimo vs. Moon Mirror SHield
  54. Unaffected by other cards' effects-- wording question!
  55. 1 lp
  56. Chain Giraffe vs. Kalantosa
  57. Felgrand Floodgate
  58. Maximum limit to Pendulum Scales
  59. Return of dragon lord vs blue eyes spirit dragon
  60. Ra Sphere Mode Vs. Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon
  61. Sauravis the Crowned Ancient Sage
  62. Xyz Reborn on Xyz Pendulums
  63. Parasite Fusioner & Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon
  64. Crystron Glyongandr
  65. Subterror behemoth stalagmo vs subterror nemesis warrior
  66. D - HERO Question: Dreadmaster VS Dark Angel's Summoning Effect
  67. 35 Xyz cards and 5 Exodia pieces?
  68. Do both Hane-hane & Hade-Hane TARGET?
  69. Dimensional Barrier Monster Negation
  70. Ultimate Conductor Tyranno's First Effect vs My Body as a Shield
  71. Legacy of a HERO and Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude
  72. Frightfur Sabre-Tooth vs New Rulings (Extra Deck Zone)
  73. Rank-Up and Synchros Without Links
  74. Future Fusion With Supreme King Dragon Zarc
  75. [The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode] - Can you get rid of it by tribute summon?
  76. Supreme King Servant Dragon Dark Rebellion & Odd-Eyes summon effect
  77. Tribute Summon Effects vs. Ghost Ogre
  78. Judge Questions
  79. Souleating Oviraptor with Lost World combo ruling
  80. Every Ruling Link
  81. Stardust Dragon in Link Format
  82. Trickstar Lycoris Combo Question
  83. Link Material Question
  84. Solemn Warning Vs Toy Vendor
  85. Book of Moon Vs. Extra Deck Spot
  86. Nekroz Ritual Spells vs Ash Blossom
  87. Robot Buster Destruction Sword vs Tenki-like effects
  88. Revendread Origin Vs. Solemn Strike
  89. Decode Talker Effect
  90. Flip Flop Shenanigans
  91. Setting Traps vs Localized Trunade + Performapal Five-Rainbow Magician
  92. Cryston Needlefiber used with Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 "Ninishi
  93. Dark Magician the Dragon Knight vs Cosmic Cyclone?
  94. Solemn Judgment vs Multiple Summons
  95. Double Evolution and Ultimate Conductor
  96. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon + Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes Double Damage Effects
  97. Valkyrie of Nordic Ascendant