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  10. Current TCG Meta Tiers and competitive rogue decks
  11. Pure vs. Mash-up: which one do you prefer?
  12. Possibility for Blue-Eyes White Dragon Support?
  13. How many decks do you own?
  14. Summoned Skull Deck
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  17. Magical Spring: Draw Tech nowadays?
  18. A Wild Monster Appears!
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  21. DD coming in DOCS
  22. Generic XYZ recommendations?
  23. Meta predictions for late 2015-2016
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  27. Hilariously bad tag combinations
  28. What you think about erratas?
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  31. Card Discussion: Tri-Edge Levia
  32. Why the raise in price for Painful Decision?
  33. Performages or Speedroids: which is the better engine?
  34. Card Discussion: Wavering Eyes
  35. New Kaiju cards in bosh and what will they be?
  36. Deck Devastation Virus
  37. Which Archetype/Mechanic do you wish they hadn't abandoned?
  38. Why are Beast-Warriors the testbed?
  39. Pendulums: Breathe new life into old archetypes?
  40. Monsters with types/attributes you don't think they should have
  41. Wath is the best Rank 8 Spam engine the game have in the current time ?
  42. Card Discussion: Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer
  43. When is going over card limit okay?
  44. Card Discussion: Meliae of the Trees
  45. Card Discussion: One for One
  46. Normal Monsters and Max ATK/DEF
  47. Card Discussion: Odd-Eyes Dragon vs Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.
  48. Advanced Yugioh Rankings
  49. Potential Rule Change : Monster Effects not activating when used as Scales
  50. Cdi/crystal wing dragon
  51. Card Discussion: Sky Iris
  52. Card Discussion: Evilswarm Exciton Knight
  53. Set Discussion: Premium Gold 3 Infinite Gold
  54. Cards that makes you want ragequit at first sight
  55. Let's talk about "LV" monsters
  56. What do you guys think about RED-EYES BLACK DRAGON?
  57. Card Discussion: Archfiend Eccentrick vs Mystical Space Typhoon
  58. How I think Ritual Monsters could possibly make a resurgence
  59. Card Discussion: Raigeki
  60. Prediction Princess - Reverse Reuse
  61. Demon's Souls is the origin of Pendulums.
  62. NA players: Where do you get foreign cards?
  63. So I played vs Liberating Ariadne + Ultimate Providence + Solemn Notice...
  64. Card Discussion: Mirage Tube
  65. For Fun Duelists: Do you want your decks competitive, viable, or just plain fun?
  66. Concept Comparison: Xyz vs Synchro
  67. You can Also Xyz Summon this card by using another Xyz Monster you control
  68. Solems strike vs traptrix rafflesia
  69. Next after Cxulub?
  70. Custom Format - Hatless Format
  71. Card Discussion: Solo the Melodious Songstress
  72. Majesty or Vanity's Fiend?
  73. Common misconceptions that make you rage
  74. Playing in a dead zone
  75. Level-eater for Monarchs?
  76. Damaged cards
  77. When will movie cards be reprinted?
  78. Card art details you think are cool
  79. The "Aftermath" of the Adjusted List
  80. Am I the only one contributing to the Deck Display board?
  81. How many decks DON'T regularly use the Extra Deck?
  82. Lightsworn engine.
  83. Numbers Hunting
  84. Extra Deck limit increase!
  85. Performapal engine vs. Magician engine
  86. Worst deck you've ever tried to build
  87. Draco Performapal question
  88. Card discussion: Pendulum Storm
  89. Card Discussion: Speedroid Terrortop
  90. SHIV Sneak peak
  91. Tuner Madness
  92. Banlist discussion: Can/Should the Dragon Rulers be unbanned now ?
  93. The Current Pricing of Dragunity Knight Gae Dearg
  94. YGOrganization File: Generation Duel Tournament banlist comparisons
  95. tcg dark illusion exclusive speculation spyral and shambhala
  96. Discussion: Solitaire decks
  97. Whats your top 5 fave archtypes and top 5 most hated archtypes ?
  98. What is an anti-meta deck?
  99. U.A Will back?
  100. Next TCG Banlist Discussion
  101. What was the biggest Screw up: Utopia VS LSwarm
  102. Top 10 yugioh cards ?
  103. Fucking Ghost Ogre
  104. (important) top 10 level 4 monsteers
  105. [DPRP] Early Leak info
  106. [TCG] Early Look at INOV
  107. Rivals of the Pharoah, full set list
  108. December (January ?) 2016 banlist discussion.
  109. yugioh
  110. The Problem with the Current Format
  111. mother fricking dragons
  112. recomendation
  113. blackwings
  114. Help bring back dueling network
  115. need help with destiny heros
  116. strong deck?
  117. Barrier Statue Ant-Meta
  118. Ground Collapse is actually good?
  119. Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste Tzolkin deck help
  120. Collecting
  121. Yu Gi Oh Star Pack Battle Royal
  122. Fluffal Boss Monster
  123. Help with supreme king deck
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