View Full Version : Card Discussion: Solo the Melodious Songstress

2nd February 2016, 06:55 PM
Her Special Summon abilities are actually decent, but there is one particular flaw that keeps me from putting her in my Melodious deck. Her effect that Special Summons another Melodious Monster requires her to be destroyed by battle. Yes, she can Special Summon Mozarta, Elegy and Aria, but once you already have a Special Summoned Aria on the field, that effect becomes useless. If her effect was simply being sent to the graveyard, she would be much more useful because of Xyz or Tribute shenanigens, but other than being a Transformation fodder, I don't see her as that useful. Yes, having two Solos on the field might be more helpful, but the main problem is that she still needs to be destroyed by battle. Your opponent can destroy her by other means or do something different other than destroying her.