View Full Version : Level-eater for Monarchs?

5th February 2016, 09:11 PM
So, i've been thinking if level-eater could work with monarchs, you can foolish burial or one for one it, both cards been helpful in monarchs, foolish burial can send Erebus to use his grave effect if you dont have any monarch in hand, can send Eidos to also use his grave effect (as long as you have another vassal there) and if you bricked really hard you can even send Edea to grab back that banished pantheism, one for one is self explanatory.
The card has a lot of uses in this deck, you can reduce prime's (level 5) or any monarch's level, to ss eater and always have that second tribute fodder or just for defensive purposes, also, sometimes you summon Kuraz and want to double draw by his effect, but can only afford to blow one of your cards. With eater you'll always have another card to destroy and draw for it. The biggest problem with this tech is if you draw the level-eater, the only ways to send it to the graveyard is by normal summoning it first or discard with one for one (maybe the firestorm vassal, but he sucks, so i dont recommend). I think this is a high risk/reward tech, so i just want to know the community's opinion on it, is it worth?

Pros: You can reduce prime's level to 4 to always have the second monster to tribute or just to play defensively.
Another card to destroy with Kuraz and plus.
Dark for mega Caius.

Cons: The deck already can brick, having this in the hand increases your chance of bricking.

6th February 2016, 12:05 AM
It's only real redeeming feature is that it's Kuraz fodder. The deck doesn't need more factors that make it less consistent though.

6th February 2016, 01:02 AM
Why not just run Blue Layer? same job, not dead in hand, can be searched with E-Tele, recycles itself.

6th February 2016, 01:17 AM
This sounds like the idea I had with Synchro Kaiju and had Jizukiru negate level eater to pop stuff until I was out of counters. Funny, but gimmicky and not really worth. I think it'd be better to run trade-in for ditching Erebus. Even then though, that's not really worth using.