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Amy Liad
9th February 2016, 03:06 PM
I've been messing around with this deck for the last few days and I just love it.

Igknight Madness (http://i.imgur.com/lkxUaHf.jpg)

The goal of the deck is to just do what a regular ol' Igknight deck is designed to do: Spam stuff. But I've got a couple quirks aside from the "norm".
*NOTE: "Norm" = what I have seen. There are probably other people who have had my idea.

Main Decked Droll & Lock Bird: I love D&L. So many decks today search and search and search on end, so to some decks like Performapal (which is absolutely not dead) and Monarch, it basically says "stop playing" for the turn, depending on how late into the game it is. Even if they just draw off of Chicken Game, I can drop D&L. A favorite combo of mine is to have a field with Artifact Durendal and Chicken Game with D&L in hand. Opponent draws with Chicken, I discard D&L. Then I use Durendal's effect to force both players to Reload their hands...but nobody draws cards. Sure, I lose my hand, but I'm playing Igknight, so that typically is not really a problem.
Fairy Knight Ingunar: Very underrated card, in my opinion. Just bounce everything, which can recycle your scales and get rid of threats. Not sure if this is "standard" in Igknight, but I find it to be helpful, especially with...
CXyz Barian Hope: The real MVP of the deck, believe it or not. How? Simple. Just Pendulum 2 level 4s and 2 level 5s while having another level 5 in hand, something that is not rare in Igknight. Overlay the level 4s into Number 86, then tribute Number 86 for a level 5. Overlay the level 5s into Number C101 and absorb a monster (or overlay them for Number C103, if you Pendulum Summoned 3 level 5s instead of 2), then use that as material for Barian. Copy the effect of Number 86 in the graveyard. Assuming nothing can negate this copying, Barian will sit at 6500/1500, cannot be destroyed by battle, is unaffected by card effects, forbids the opponent from summoning anything, and allows him to nuke the opponent's field every single turn. You can choose to have the copying wear off before the effect that would detach a material would activate, thus keeping the amount of materials that Barian has; all you have to do is keep letting its copying resolve. If you were only able to get 4 materials on it, just get out Ingunar and bounce everything except itself and Barian and attack for game. It's a bit risky, but if I pull it off, I basically win the game right there.

So, thoughts?

9th February 2016, 06:03 PM
Just wanted to say you can't drop D&L on drawing off Chicken Game. Chicken Game's effects are Spell Speed 4.

Amy Liad
9th February 2016, 09:34 PM
You don't drop D&L during Chicken's effect to draw. You activate D&L immediately after the draw after Chicken's effect has resolved, which is fair game.

9th February 2016, 10:24 PM
Oh, so it's post-resolution only? Huh. Guess we've been playing it wrong in locals. Thanks for the explanation. I'll have to share it. Also find a way to pick up more D&L bird.