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GG Yoh_Komori
15th September 2015, 12:05 AM
Pardon my Gaelic it is a bit rusty, "Hello, how are you?" is the title. I am Dawson from Gamer's Genesis. I suppose I should tell you about my self a bit...

I am as easy going and calm as you can get. I have been through a great deal in the past 12 years, despite my age. My last 3 years have been far more stable and prosperous. I speak in abbreviations a lot online and I tend to talk for ever about anything in real life. I've had the unfortunate(albeit) interesting experience of raising kids/younger relatives from a very young age. I have a lot of things I dabble in besides YGO.I write fiction and I occasionally paint. I have experimented with crafting furniture and other more exciting things like wooden swords. Also, I have an interest in sculpting. I love most all art forms and really like a good photograph. I used to be into photography but I have since slacked off in my push to be good at it :P. I still like taking pics though.

I am a chameleon of sorts, if the crowd is friendly and open I can bridge gaps between others, if people are more reserved and laid back I am one who forms a clique and yet still gets along with others. I can be a lone wolf and do a lot of thinking before I ever act, but it's rare for me to out right clam up. If I am in a situation I am not familiar with or around new people I don't "click" with I tend to come off as shy, but that is not me ^^. I am a INTP according to my personality test results, so I typically should be quiet and relaxed but always thinking. Personally I don't think I fall into the former 2 of those 3 things, but that is my opinion. I love to bake all manner of sweets, bread, pastries, puddings and pies, talk and ask "what if" a lot, so if I seem to get over philosophical then give me a nudge and say so.

For all you who don't know I am also known as BigStinkin'Ape (from the former TCG forums) in addition to my "Yoh_Komori" moniker. Feel free to call me BSA/Ape/Yoh/ Dawson. I am someone who loves to find out about scientific discoveries and learn pointless facts. That sort of stuff just sticks in my head somehow, and generally absorb information like a sponge. I am also very open minded about most anything and very non-judgmental about things, so if one ever needs someone to talk to, never hesitate to come to me. I can keep a secret and am always willing to lend an ear.

I'm usually an open book about just about anything, so feel free to ask any questions you like about me. Here are some quick facts

I have played Yugioh! for as long as 15 years now
I have been a frequent forum member across a few dozen sites since as early as 2003
I love a good game of scrabble, monopoly, and other word games when I have time
I aspire to be a linguist, having now dabbled in Spanish, Russian, German, French, ASL, and bits and pieces of several other languages,in addition to my native English and passable french
I have likely filled out more of these "new to a forum" posts in my time online than I have handed in resumes
If your still reading this and haven't skimmed I commend you.your reward is knowing my middle name is Malcom.
I am left handed

Hope to get to know you all soon.