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Dread Kaiser
15th September 2015, 01:02 AM
I am Dread.

I have 3 things, A love of deck building, Lots of Time and a Love for Kicking teeth in with impractical things. And a bigger love of Nigh Invincible Impractical things

As a result of those, I have 79 Decks, sitting on my desk right now (I do not have a problem, I Have a hobby). So I thought I'd share some of them with you all.

BOW BEFORE YOUR NEW GODS (http://i.imgur.com/UXjO9tT.jpg)
Ok was trying to link a different decklist here but Imgur is being an ass right now and can't seem to upload it

Who doesn't love the Almighty Wicked Gods (say you don't, see what happens). The Invincible Avatar in particular has always been one of my favorites. But damn they were so hard to use and no one, even the Wikia, had any real advice for it. Meanwhile even if you could, they all went down to a simple Sakaretsu Armor. you know something is wrong if you are concerned over THAT textbook example of Obsolete. Then this nice new card came out, March of the Monarchs. I saw it and knew what I had to do. I built them, then Re-wrote half of their Wikia Article to actually be useful for other people building the deck. And then Mound of the Bound Creator came out and made this all the better. then Lavalval Chain was banned and screwed the consistency hard.

Enough History lesson, to the Deck Itself. The basic Idea is simple, use Double Coston to make them simple 2 Tribute Monsters and with the easy spamming abilities of both the Gogogo and Zombies, Gathering Tribute Fodder is easy. If a God is not in your hand, you can put it on top of deck with Lavalval Chain....or you could TIL IT WAS BANNED. Damnit I miss it.....This deck REALLY depended on it. If you have God, summoning it is not hard to get what you need on the board. if you do not have a God, Rank 4 Spam til you win or get a God. With their easy chain summoning abilities 3 mat rank 4 was easy (this was built back when that actually took effort). Stormforthe for funsies. Like I said I basically re-wrote the Wikia article on these so you can get more details there

What you see there is somewhat Obsolete Because a glorious set know as Premium Gold happened to give it some fun new toys.

Pray that your end is swift and painless (http://i.imgur.com/UXjO9tT.jpg)

Yes, that is the Wicked Gods, Dragonecro/Dragocytos, Zombiestein And The Supremacy SUN, all in 1 Deck. and yes it actually works (worked better with Chain obviously -_-). and yes, I couldn't be prouder of it. See what kind of shit you can pull when you get outside the R4NK&GATE MOAR Mindset? Take notes Konami, THIS is the kind of shit that needs encouraging.

Same Idea as above, but with alternate options for super-boss monsters. Coston makes the Sun a 1 tribute monster and its own effect can setup the grave further with zombies.

Honestly its more Mound.dek then Wicked Gods at this point, but its fun so who cares
3000 ATK self reviving Demigod W/Mound Buff, Fuck yes.
4000 ATK Battle Immune Double Attacker W/Mound Buff? Hell yes!
THIS SHIT? (http://i.imgur.com/ue93cT0.png?1)! Beautiful. (or Cruel & Unusual)
To this day, I can't believe I got away with that.....

and now that they are making new Zombie Synchros, The Gods may be getting more toys to play with soon. Still working on a way to make up for the loss of Chain though...that really hurt.