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17th April 2016, 10:35 PM
No worry, guys. No spoilers in this specials. The special is simply a low-budget clip show hosted by Hisoka and Gon Freecss from HunterXHunter (1999) -- yes, it's a seiyuu insider joke. The hosts are Jounouchi and Mokuba, you know, the two guys who are the closest to Yugi and Kaiba; and they are no-motion chibis. The beginning shows us clips we have seen from the trailers, the rest are clips from the Duel Monsters series, most of them being cropped to fill the 16:9 format. Jounouchi and Mokuba "introduce" us Yugi, Atem, Kaiba and their two aces: Black Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Some clips from Yugi's important duels.
Yugi vs Kaiba (Round 3).
Yugi vs Pegasus (Round 2).
Yugi vs Atem (Round 2, if you count the Doma arc).

And some clips from Kaiba's important duels where he was present.
Kaiba & Yugi vs Ghouls (Mask of Light & Mask of Darkness) (Round 2).
Yugi vs Pantomimer.
Kaiba vs Ishizu.

The best retro clip is obviously Osiris vs Obelisk, after BlaMagi and Blue-Eyes were introduced.

Of course, Jounouchi teases Mokuba that Kaiba never won a duel (fairly), with Mokuba coming back that Jounouchi never won against Kaiba.

But there is something new in this special. We see the very beginning of the movie. No wonder how Kaiba got a rocket with cards (Yubel, Neos, Neo-Spacians) in it to space.

For the young kids who haven't watch the 2000-2004 anime, it's probably helpful for them, since it's been four spin-offs since Duel Monsters ended. Yes, 12 years. And the manga started 20 years ago, back then before the "children's card game" concept was even a thing. But for the old school guys, it's a waste of time. Seriously, the delayed ARC-V's 102nd episode for that clip show?! We could have seen Yuya vs Kaito, but... whatever.

17th April 2016, 10:39 PM
Yeah, they should have done the same as the other special and air episode 102 along with the DSOD special. Seeing Kaiba looking badass in a space station and the Puzzle excavation was nice (however the initial animation of these planets raised some doubts for me about Yu-Gi-Oh! dimensions).

I will leave this here:
some sword of light preventing direct attack, but you get 2k damage
something something infinite loop with 3 traps
Aigami duels 3 times?

Mahad and chaos dragon max created from memories and interference in the system or something
no Ra or Osiris, only Obelisk

There are duel(s)? starting with 8k LP
Deep eyes white dragon, crystal dragon.
Pandemic, Crystal Night (knight), Silver gadget

looks like movie uses prequel manga gimmicks
will power = atk
Not sure, but damage calculation is used for base stats and not will power stats.

Some relation to the movie:
According to Kuwabaras's tweets (zexal's storyboard). D-Gazers does not use lenses to make duelist see monsters. They affect brain brain instead. So D-Gazers might be or not be advanced version of Neuron VR gear Kaiba uses in the movie.

Sources: http://bbs.newwise.com/thread-886006-18-1.html (the original source)
http://neoarkcradle.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=3859&page=70 (translation, but not so good)