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15th September 2015, 03:21 AM
Behold the majesty! (http://i.imgur.com/x44QvYT.png)

I love this deck. I've been a fan of the Beast-Warrior Phantom Beast cards ever since they were first released, and I've always wanted to make a decent deck out of them. When I discovered the infamous "Symbols of Rock-Lizard" combo on the wiki, I figured that would be the perfect option for me, but sadly, it was rough going with finding the right cards for its use. Fortunately, time went on and we eventually got a lot more support than I ever thought possible, and now we've got a boffo option amount for this deck type.

For those of you who don't know what a "Symbols of Rock Lizard" deck is, let me walk you through it: it begins with dumping a Rock-Lizard into your graveyard, then getting a Symbols of Duty and a Normal Monster (in this case Gazelle, the King of Mythical Beasts), or a Call of the Haunted, on the field, to summon back Rock-Lizard. Once that's accomplished, you battle monsters, killing them and netting an extra 500 damage to the opponent for each, and daring the opponent to try and get rid of it through their effects. They try to pop it, and BAM! Instant 2000 damage. The key is to keep pressure on the opponent, which is why multiples of Call and Symbols are needed, and why Moon Mirror Shield is there; with it equipped, there's no monster Rock-Lizard can't out-muscle for the extra 500 damage, and the opponent will be forced to waste their removal to get rid of it. True, it has to be destroyed and sent to the graveyard, so it's prone to banishment, spinning, bouncing, and whatnot, but with a deck full of Phantom Beasts, it's easy to get it back out once it's spun/bounced, I can side for banishing, and well... Raigeki is a staple, and Dark Hole at 2 and Ring of Destruction are a thing, so there really isn't as much to worry about it not being destroyed and sent to the graveyard as one might think. Ideally, I'd want Canistaur at 3 in this deck, since I can pick and choose which Phantom Beast to send to the grave with its effect, but since it's currently a Korean exclusive and likely won't be out for a while in the TCG, I'm forced to use Kuribandit, instead (not Mathematician, since it doesn't dump Rock-Lizard, which is important in this deck).

As I said, I really love this deck and the thought process behind it. It might not be the next killer meta for the game, but it gets the job done, methinks.

4th December 2015, 07:02 PM
Hmm. Would like some suggestions on how to improve on this deck. Thoughts?

4th December 2015, 07:35 PM
How about 1 Armageddon Knight and 1 ROTA?, so you can dump that Rock-Lizard. Wild-Horn has 0 def so 1 or 2 Masked Chameleon, along King of the Feral Imps and maybe 1 Kagetokage for level 8 synchros or rank 4 plays. 1 IF and 1 Norden don't hurt. You run three Rock Lizard so Symbol of Heritage is also another option to bring him back. Fire Fist - Bear can help you to deal with problematic monsters.

Having 3 Unexpected Dai and 3 Symbols of Duty for only three Gazelles looks like a lot of bricking. Maybe you can cut 1 or 2 Dai and 2 Duty for the cards I mentioned earlier. 3 Kuribandit and 2 Hidden Armory don't look like a good combination, so you can maybe cut 1 or 2 Kuribandits.

I don't know how budget these suggestions are so is up to you if you want to take them in consideration.

4th December 2015, 07:46 PM
I want to keep the deck focused on reusing and abusing Rock-Lizard, so yeah, I don't think those options would be that great for me, sorry. I'll think about cutting a Dai and a Duty, though, to avoid bricking.

23rd December 2015, 02:36 AM
Anyone else want to give a shot at updating this deck? I'm hoping Canistaur comes out in the next few sets, but that's unlikely, so...

24th January 2016, 08:50 PM
So, I guess this deck's pretty much useless, since it's too slow and people are going for non-destruction form of removal, meaning Rock Lizard is pretty useless. Any ideas on what I can do with this deck?

23rd February 2016, 01:41 AM
Hmm. With Unexpected Dai and Painful Decision, I'm thinking of revamping this deck, but to make it viable, it'll have to be like 50 cards or so...

19th April 2016, 12:57 AM
I'm putting in 1 Unexpected Dai and 1 Painful Decision, since I only have 3 Normal Monsters to pull from; going to put in more Trap cards to compensate.

31st May 2016, 02:21 AM
Hmm. I'm thinking of completely revamping this deck, taking out the Symbols of Duty part (but leaving in Unexpected Dai, Gazelle, and Call of the Haunted), and putting in a Mathematician, a few Peropero Cerperus, and some other card (dunno what; right now, I have Dynatherium, but I can replace that with practically anything)... since I'm using Kuribandit in this deck, should I put the other 3 cards as graveyard traps?