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15th September 2015, 03:49 PM
I'm a fan of making decks that consist of different archetypes and mashing them together to see if it works. I thought I should share some of my ideas with other people in case there are any other people that like to do the same, or if people just wanted a new fun deck to play.

The first mash-up deck I made was an updated version of HAT. For those that don't know, HAT is a deck that consists of Hands, Artifacts and Traptrix, however, as of late, more cards have come out for these archetypes which helps make the deck even faster and more consistent, those being Vajra and Rafflesia. As I felt like it could easily be added into the deck and it wouldn't change the dynamic of the deck too much, I decided to add Greydles into the deck to see what the end result would be. The answer: it makes the deck even more of a pain to face-off against since there are now more annoying cards to go up against.

As for playing the deck, if you've played HAT before then it should be a fairly easy deck to understand, for those that don't know, the basics are that you use the Traptrix cards to search out the 'hole' traps, the Hands act as the offensive and defensive part of the deck as you can use them to ram into opponents monsters to destroy their cards, while being able to then special summon the other hand from your deck. And finally the Artifacts go into your spell and trap card zone as a way of punishing your opponent if they should try to destroy your backrow. As for the Greydles, they can also be both offensive and defensive as you can set them as bait hoping your opponent attacks into them, or you can use them to attack your opponents monsters, either way, you are able to steal your opponents monsters and then hopefully use them to attack your opponent.

Link to the decklist is below


The extra deck

The extra deck should mainly consist of Rank 4 and 5 monsters as those are the levels of the monsters that the deck plays. The main times you'll be xyz'ing if after you use Traptrix Dionaea to special summon a Traptrix from the graveyard, or after you manage to special summon several artifact monsters. Xyz'ng with the Hands and Greydles is pointless in this sort of deck as you need for them to get their effects when they're destroyed. My deck also contains synchro monsters, even though there are no tuner monsters in the deck, the reason being that with the Greydles I am sometimes able to steal tuners from my opponent so I am then able to synchro with them.

Any criticism or thoughts you have on the deck is welcome, as is any other deck mash-up ideas you have that I can make.

16th September 2015, 02:00 PM
I actually have a Greydle Fire King deck that's worked pretty well for the sort of things that you're trying to go for. Might be fun to try if you haven't considered it. I haven't touched the deck in a good while, but it was testing to have a decent synergy.

It really looks like you've put a lot of thought and care into the deck, too. Not too sure if the Duality at 3 is helping or hurting compared to the 1 Upstart, so at least consider adjusting there if performance is an issue. I do have to ask why you aren't using the Artifact Xyz, though.

16th September 2015, 03:32 PM
Thanks for the idea, I might try building a deck around that. The reason for the triple duality was so I could have a better chance at getting the cards I wanted, the only downside I found was that it revealed too much to the opponent so they knew what I was playing. I could try to changing it up and play 2 duality and 2 upstart.

I didn't consider using the artifact xyz so I'll swap one of the random synchros for it. Thanks for your input.