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15th May 2016, 01:45 PM
This episode doesn't waste time to show us the duel between Kuroba Kaito and Kurosaki Ichigo, er, I mean Kaito and Kurosaki. Kaito's anger and hatred made him not only merciless, but also blind (which we already know) and he would card Kurosaki just because he's in his way. (Are you Kaiba or something?) Remember that Kurosaki threatened Yuto to defeat him just because he was in his way in episode 21? This episode is mostly a duel episode, but it also gives us a few background information about the characters.

- Kurosaki's fondness towards children, which he displayed during his duel with Crow, is now "explained"; he and Kaito used to play with children before they were carded.
- Yusho interacted with all Resistance members. We now see how he interacted with them.
- Apparently, Sayaka used to have no friends (her meganekko design screams that), but thanks to Yusho she met Ruri.
- Sayaka saw Ruri's duel with Yuri, and she feels guilty that she couldn't help her.
- Yuya now reveals to everyone that Yuto is inside him. Kurosaki had already that feeling, and apparently he can see Yuto? Is that their shinyuu bond? (Shinyuu means "best friend")
- Of course, Kaito didn't forget that he used to play with children. But since they are carded, he has more reason to be pissed off.

Now more about the duel:

The duel is very short like the other one-episode duels. Both, Kurosaki and Kaito use monsters that allow them to use one Xyz Material less. Kurosaki Xyz Summons Rise Falcon with two Xyz Materials, and Kaito Xyz Summons Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon with only one Xyz Material. Being a Lancer, Kurosaki uses an Action Card to protect his Rise Falcon and then he ranks it up to Blaze Falcon. Like always, his effect to destroy all Special Summoned monsters by detaching an Overlay Unit never works, but attacking directly and then destroying a monster with its effect always works. Since Kaito is a Kaiba expies, of course he brings his dragon back and summons a second one at the same time. After failing to destroy Blaze Falcon twice, Kurosaki uses several Action Cards to boost his Blaze Falcon, claiming that Action Cards are the strength of his nakama, but since Action Cards are still based on luck, it still ends up being dead, only to be ranked up again. Kurosaki tries to attack both Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon with his Ultimate Falcon to end the duel, but after destroying the first one, Kaito revives it and uses his Cipher Interfere effect to double the ATK of his second dragon and win the duel. See? The preview showed us how Kurosaki is going to use the duel. After Kurosaki's loss, Kaito is about to card him, but he struggles and in the end, he decides not to do it.

Next episode we have exposition and Yuri is going to duel. And the re-appearance of Ojama King (not used by Manjoume Thunder).

15th May 2016, 02:53 PM
There's already a thread on this episode, dude.

15th May 2016, 02:55 PM
I noticed that too late, dude.

15th May 2016, 02:59 PM
And I thought I would never see a "This card can be used as 2 Xyz Materials for an Xyz Summon" effect again. But I guess, ZeXal drawbacks are unevitable.

Also Retrofit Lanius (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Raidraptor_-_Retrofit_Lanius) is also another Pain Lanius, since he can match his level, too (besides to his name). Now if he could also target monsters in the graveyard, that would be a good combo with RR - Call, as well as a 1 card Fiend Eagle combo.

Shuns try to overpower Galaxy-Eyes with Action Cards only was a bit strange, but I guess it fits his character development of accepting the Lancers as comrades. Now I would only like to know what his Traps did, because i couldn't figure their effects just by watching the episode.

Kaitos Spells/Traps on the other hand are ... random. They all seem just to focus on summoning more copies of Galaxy-Eyes while reviving those who were destroyed. And their artworks are ... bad. They're just rainbows and some optical stuff. I guess we never see any of those printed.

That Cipher Dragon though might be an option for Galaxy Stealth Dragon in a Cipher/Galaxy Stealth deck, since he is a 1 card R4NK summon. Which sounds broken, now that I think of it. Restrictions imcomming, I guess.4

EDIT: I'll stick with the other thred, I just saw it too late.

15th May 2016, 03:00 PM
Finally new Cipher Monsters.