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20th May 2016, 01:46 AM

Bringing back an old, old archetype. This is actually a pretty standard Dragunity deck. It abuses Phalanx's ability to self-summon itself when equipped to a monster to Synchro out fast Level 6s, which then abuse Phalanx again to ladder into Level 8. Dux is the main Winged-Beast to use here; it's Level 4, it can equip Phalanx from the Graveyard upon Normal Summon and it can instantly make Vajrayana, which in turn can equip Phalanx from the Graveyard and make Level 8. While Legionnaire also equips a Dragunity upon Summon, it can only make Level 5, so it can't Synchro into Vajrayana. It's used more for its destruction effect.

Cards of Consonance dumps the Dragon-type Dragunities for draw power, while Dragon Ravine dumps them from the Deck or searches out a Dux. Harpie Harpist also searches out Dux, and is also discard fodder for Ravine and Twin Twisters. Dragunity Divine Lance is a very useful card, in that it can equip a Dragunity Tuner onto a Dragunity straight from the Deck, without having to dump it to the Graveyard first. Tribus is a One for One target, and dumps a Phalanx from the Deck. It can also be used to fill in a missing Level when using Legionnaire to Synchro Vajrayana.

As for the Extra Deck, Vajrayana is the Synchro that enables the deck to ladder into Level 8. The Level 8 lineup is a bunch of useful powerhouses. Crystal Wing is the main offensive powerhouse, able to get to quite high ATK by negating friendly effects. Scarlight and Scrap Dragon wipe enemy boards. Stardust Spark protects key monsters from destruction, and Psy-Framelord Omega (slowly) recycles resources used up to Summon these monsters. There are also other Level 6 options: Red Wyvern is pretty much required for a Synchro Deck, while Goyo Guardian offers quick firepower and a stealing effect. Gae Dearg searches and dumps key cards for the deck's combos. The sole Level 5 Synchro, Armades, bypasses all effects to destroy key cards.

The two Xyz Monsters are honestly just there for flavor. Lightning Chidori preps the opponent's board for a KO, while Emeral recycles resources much faster than Omega. Problem is, the deck doesn't have high swarm power, so I usually never get a chance to get 2 Level 4s on the field at once. It doesn't help that I would rather just have a Level 8 Synchro on the field. I'm thinking about slotting in a Zephyros the Elite for R4NK, but I'm not sure it's worth it.

20th May 2016, 02:07 AM
There's no reason to not play 3 terraforming, since ravine is the main searcher of the deck and you can always dump one to activate ravine's effect. You should also try instant fusions, norden obviously allow some xyz plays and mavelus can act like a dux without using your normal summon, so if you only open with a phalanx for example and doesn't have a way to dump it, it serves as your combo starter. Zephyros + gae derg with a ravine on board can also help you do some cool combos.

If you really want a way to swarm, i recommend checking phoenixflare's channel on youtube, he's a very competitive player, and dragunity is his favorite deck, and he's always upgrading his build, he's probably the best dragunity player ever.