View Full Version : The Current Pricing of Dragunity Knight Gae Dearg

26th May 2016, 12:13 AM
As the title says, for some reason the price of Dragunity Knight Gae Dearg increased to $47+ or so off of YugiohPrices. Anyone have any idea why? Did Dragunities top somewhere while I had some weird dream of setting a Pokemon on Fire to evolve it? Unless there's some crackhead deck that runs him, which may be another reason. Here's the link to the card on the website:


This is probably one card I wouldn't really expect to rise BESIDES the fact that there hasn't been a reprint of him.

Edit: Okay so apparently from a friend he said Blue Eyes are using it here. Is this true? As I edit this and someone will probably post it immediately

26th May 2016, 12:18 AM
Probably because of the Felgrand structure deck because some dragunity builds in the OCG use a few cards from that structure deck i think.