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13th June 2016, 01:03 AM
Red-Eyes Fusion:
Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster that lists a "Red-Eyes" monster as Material from your Extra Deck, using monsters from your hand, Deck, or your side of the field as Fusion Materials, and if you do, its name becomes "Red-Eyes B. Dragon". You cannot Normal or Special Summon other monsters the turn you activate this card. You can only activate 1 "Red-Eyes Fusion" per turn.

Red-Eyes Burn:
If a face-up "Red-Eyes" monster(s) you control, except "Red-Eyes B. Chick", is destroyed by battle or card effect: Target 1 of those monsters; both players take damage equal to its original ATK. You can only activate 1 "Red-Eyes Burn" per turn.

(this scenario can probably happen with some other cards as well, namely Starve Venom and any card with text similar to Red-Eyes Burn, but this is the one I came across)

Red-Eyes Fusion makes the Fusion monster's name "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" (thus making it a "Red-Eyes" monster, can equip Black Metal Dragon to it, etc). Can Red-Eyes Burn be activated when a Black Skull Dragon that was summoned using Red-Eyes Fusion gets destroyed by battle or a card effect? (Dark Hole for example)

My guess is that it can't be activated since when Black Skull Dragon gets destroyed and goes to the graveyard he is no longer treated as "Red-Eyes B. Dragon", but I'm not sure, so that's why I'm asking here.

Rephrasing. Does the monster still need to be a "Red-Eyes" monster even after the activation requirement was met? (is it because it says "those monsters"?) That'd be similar to cards that say "destroy that/those target(s)" after the semi-colon, in which case the targeting condition must be correct during resolution as well.

Thanks in advance.

13th June 2016, 05:37 AM
So down below is a similar asked question that was asked in OCG:

If an "Elemental HERO Prisma" has its name treated as "Red-eyes B. Dragon" or, a monster Summoned by Red-eyes Fusion treated as "Red-eyes B. Dragon" is destroyed, can you activate "Red-eyes Burn"
Q:《真紅眼の黒竜》の名を得た《E・HERO プリズマー》や《真紅眼融合》による融合モンスターが破壊された時にこのカードを発動できます か?

Answer translates to yes you can activate it. It never says the card has to be Red-Eyes WHEN IT HITS THE GRAVE, just says when it gets POPPED. It fulfilled the condition of getting blown to bits, so you can activate it.

HOWEVER, if it were to say "If a Red-Eyes monster you control is destroyed by battle or card effect and sent to the graveyard..." then no you can't because the name is no longer Red-Eyes.

If it's not worded like the phrase above in quotations, then it's fair game

13th June 2016, 08:33 AM
Alright, that ruling pretty much answers the question completely. Though I couldn't find it during the brief search I did (aka, it's not in the wiki). And yeah, I understand the "sent to the graveyard" part.

Now to write that bug report post in the YGOPro forums.

Anyway, thanks for answering.