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21st June 2016, 10:24 AM
Hello the Ygorganization !

I'm creating this topic to debate about Solitaire decks. First off, here is the decks in question:

. Draw-half-your-deck-in-1-turn Exodia (and all the variant of Exodia deck)

. Burn decks (all variants, no exceptions)

. Blaze Fenix FTK/OTK

In fact... that all the decks I can think off. And no, Monarchs aren't solitaire decks, nor are decks running the Solemn Squad (and other Negation cards) and Kozmos (not even Graydles are a solitaire deck). They require minimum interraction with the opponent.

More importantly, Solitaire decks should never be mistaken with OTK/FTK decks (except for Final Countdown, Dark Sanctuary Turbo and Blaze Fenix).

Those decks can function because of those cards:

. Royal Magical Library + intensive draw engine

. Fusion Gate

. Battle Fader/Swift Scarecrow/Waboku/Threatening Roar

Even if those cards are pretty bad by their own, but in those decks, they are pain in the ass.

How to deal with those kind of decks that don't allow you to respond to any of their actions ? Did some of the listed cards should be hit by the ban-list/get severe erratas to neutralize their power of nuisance ? For the Exodia side, did a new rule have to be created stipuling you can only draw cards thanks to cards effects only trice per duel ?

My point of view is: those decks, even if they don't top, have to be neutralize. And no, I don't lose often to those decks since I refuse to simply watch my opponent play for more than 5 minutes, it's boring. Or I use their main power (activating effects after effects) against them thanks to Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon continuous Burn effect. But still, I don't always have access to this card, depending of the deck I play, or do I not always have access to the proper counter during the time their combo goes on.

So yes, for me, those decks are a nuisance big enough to be watched over by the ban-hammer.

And you, what's your point of view about those kind of decks ?

21st June 2016, 04:45 PM
Love them to death. I believe there should be support for them.

21st June 2016, 06:16 PM
I find them super boring to play against, and I'm glad I rarely have to face them.

21st June 2016, 08:58 PM
Don't forget Tempest Magician for fuck's sake (Or that also qualifies as a burn Deck?). I still remember one time that I lost due to time out in Ygopro thanks to my partner who took an eternity to get enough Spell Counters to OTK.

21st June 2016, 10:16 PM
I really hate the concept of solitaire decks; if you want to play cards by yourself, get a deck of poker cards and play Solitaire with it. If you want to actually play Yugioh, then let the opponent get something to do, once in a while.