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24th June 2016, 07:51 PM
Hi yu-gi-oh ! fans and/or players. i want to know if i may, what your top 5 fave archtypes are and why ? my faves are 1: Infernoids 2: Qli
3: Abyss Actor 4: Madolche 5: Ghostrick's and my top 5 most hated are 1: Elemental Hero's 2: Counter Fairy's 3: Traptrix 4: Clown's
5: Performapal/Entermate
okey as for why - Infernoid's are immortal and based on demon's so i like the ocult stuff ... Qli whell the same reason as the infernoid's.
Abyss Actor's are evil and cute the best combination. Madolche are very cute, m a little bit of a sucker for that. Ghostricks are creepy and cute and i love creepy thing and goth stuf very much.
E-Hero's .... de have far to Much cards and are still getting them. WHY !!!!! Counters fairys. okay i know this is technaly knot a archtype but things that say "hay you cant play" make me sad. Traptrix: the same as with CF. Clown's whell d xyz spam i m not very fond of generic xyz's. Performapalls. ook i dond mind them as much as the others butt again d haave far to much cards. tnx all Star Of Power !

24th June 2016, 08:57 PM
This is better placed in the Anything Else board, not here, since it's just an overall generic Yugioh question.

Dread Kaiser
25th June 2016, 01:20 AM
too many to only give top 5

FUCKING CLOWNS, reasons go unspoken
FUCKING MADOLCHE, fucking exemplifies the "do the exact same checklist move every turn and win" deck
JD-spam Lightsworns (AKA Lightsworn with a noob behind it)

25th June 2016, 01:51 AM
1. Hieratics
2. Majespecters
3. Lunalights
4. Raidraptors
5. Shaddolls - Construct plz >.<.

1. Monarch
2. Dark Magician
3. Qli Demise - Not really archetype, but I despise Qli Demise. I like Qlis normally.

I can't think of anything else >.<.

25th June 2016, 01:58 AM
Well, if it's going to be stuck here...

1. Yosenju - because it's the first actual usable Beast-Warrior archetype that looks like Beast-Warriors.
2. Dragoons of Draconia/Normal Pendulum - because I love the idea of Normal Pendulums, and a good chunk of their Pendulum effects and scales are good enough for some nice plays.
3. Anubis Movie Sphinxes - Because why not? I just wish they were more abusable outside of that one random Sphinx/Train deck from way back when in the Japanese tournaments.
4. Hands - Because the idea of wrecking the opponent's shit with a Handjob from Hell is amusing, and I still got the image of my old Hand/Bounzer deck stuck in my mind.
5. U.A. - I don't normally go for non-Beast/Beast-Warrior decks, but the archetype is so interesting an unique, and such an underdog, that I can't help but love it.

1. Burning Abyss - They're so overpowered, and they've been hanging around the meta since their first release, which was at least 6 sets and 2 lists ago. They need to die, seriously...
2. Solitaire - Any sort of deck where you get little to no interactivity with the opponent is just unfair. You want to play solitaire, there's a free program for that on each computer you get on.
3. Synchro Spam - The deck that fucked with my boyfriend to the point of tears, literally. I loathe any deck that gets the opponent cocky enough to continuously mock Gladiator Beasts with cutesy names, long after being told to stop...
4. Stellars - Haven't played against them, much, but my god, are they fucking annoying. Almost as bad as Burning Abyss.
5. Clownblade - Yeah, pretty much what everyone said.

1. Bounzers - Good idea, but so goddamn small, and rather pointless, now. Would be my fifth favorite archetype, if they actually worked.
2. Senet - Much like Bounzers, way too small card pool, and Konami is too afraid of people whining about ruling discrepancies to advance them, even though they're still doing the whole "cards in the wrong zone" with Graydles, Union, Trap Monsters, etc...
3. Zefra - Too cluttered and too weak.
4. Mecha Phantom Beasts - Yeah, they were good, back in the day, but now they're all but forgotten, and why are they called "Mecha PHANTOM BEASTS", when they have little to no synchronicity with the Beast-Warrior Phantom Beasts? Just, ugh...
5. Venom - weaker, more pointless Aliens with a win condition attached to a boss monster. Um... yay? I'd rather stick with generic Reptile Beatdown/Spam, myself, thanks...

25th June 2016, 01:59 AM

25th June 2016, 02:01 AM

Then why are you still here?

25th June 2016, 02:02 AM
Then why are you still here?

Oh shit. forgot ironies doesn't work on internet.

25th June 2016, 02:06 AM
Let's see:

-Can't choose really.

-Burning Abyss.
-True Draco.

25th June 2016, 02:07 AM

1 - D/D/D
2 - Resonators
3 - Red-eyes
4 - Shiranui
5 - Symphonic warriors


1 - Majespecters
2 - Qlis
3 - Performapals
4 - Tellarknights
5 - Masked heros

25th June 2016, 02:07 AM
Oh shit. forgot ironies doesn't work on internet.

They work, it's just that playing along with sarcasm is as much fun as recognizing it.

25th June 2016, 02:12 AM
They work, it's just that playing along with sarcasm is as much fun as recognizing it.

Are you telling me that my irony was hard to recognize it ? If so i am very glad about this. Being a great liar is good if you know what i am saying.

25th June 2016, 02:33 AM
Lightsworn (#1 all time favorite)
Infernoids (Needs more support. Reasoning to 1 hurt...a lot)
Burning Abyss (It was fun, but this archetype needs to die already)
Phantom Knights (Needs more support to be it's own deck, without the BA engine)
Horus (Needs more support)

PE/Pe (Cancer)
Evilswarm (Floodgate Helmet)
Infernity (Cancer)
Nekroz (Poor card design)
Kaiju (Poor card design)

25th June 2016, 03:13 AM
Are you telling me that my irony was hard to recognize it ? If so i am very glad about this. Being a great liar is good if you know what i am saying.

No, I worded that response badly. I probably should have said "more fun" but I didn't want to sound like a troll. I also go along with sarcasm partially because sometimes I am indeed too boneheaded to notice it.

25th June 2016, 04:59 AM
Resonators (with malicious and armageddon knight you can easily make Scarlight or go for Beatrice to set up your strategy)
Blue-Eyes (because it's awesone)
Metalphosis (the fact that they teamed up with Gofu to bring Ultimaya into the metagame is amazing)
D/D (You can go for any kind of Extra deck Summon strategy and the D/D/Ds have amazing designs)
Shiranui (the concept was awesome, and I use them from time to time since they are pretty good)
-Also a Special mention to Dinomist Rank-Up, since I really like Abyss Splash and I love upgranding it into Supra or FA Crystalzero.

H.A.T (You can Counter Hands yeah, but mixing Artifacts with Traptrix was the most annoying idea ever)
X-Saber (I don't know, I just don't like them at all)
Hero (First turn Shadow Mist into Dark Law is 1 of the things I hate the most)
Burning Abyss (I hope the next TCG archetypes kill this deck for good)

25th June 2016, 04:59 AM
Serious Talk Now.

Nekroz (or any ritual deck): I despise Rituals, they belong to the emptiness, they cannot compete with the Xyz Greatness
Kozmo: Fucking unfair archetype, people struggle so hard to get rid of their bosses, and when it happens they float, everything they do gives Pluses, if you say a word they plus. Also Star Wars is Overrated as hell (that doesn't mean its bad).
Stall/Gimmicky FTK Decks: Only small fries plays decks like those. Get some guts and duel like real people
Toons: Toons is good way to fuck with me. Imagine how disrepectful is to be transformed into a toon ? Also they are nothing more than Unplayable Garbage.
Destiny HERO: This is a love and hate Story to be frank. I love then because of their appearance and Thematic, but i hate them because they are unplayble.

The List Continues...

Dragon Rulers: The Deck of my life. Dragons slaughtering my enemies, those days were golden... I really felt like a Absolute Ruler Playing them, i hope they come back sometime.
EGAO/Clown or Any Rank 4 spam deck: I Have been on Rank 4 Spam deck since late 2011, this deck it feels like it can do anything to deal with the situation. This might sound a bit sadistic, but i love humilating my oppoent with Circus creatures while they only accept their inevtable doom.
D/D/D: I can't the remember when i played a deck so Agressive like this, this deck suits my Playstile so perfectly. And its a Multi Colored Extra Deck i've been waiting for a deck like this for So long. You can't even imagine my grin when i Slaughter my enemies with this.
ABC: I don't know if i can call this one of my favourites, but i am loving playing with this deck.
Buster Blader: I love this Dragon slayer since its debut, i hope he gets more support and someday become able to be a Godslayer.

25th June 2016, 07:28 AM

+Gladiator Beasts
+Destiny HERO
....and many more



25th June 2016, 01:50 PM
Top 5 favorites:

1. Red-Eyes
2. Blue-Eyes
3. Aroma
4. Chemical Beast
5. Odd-Eyes

Hated :

1. Monarchs
2. Tellarknights
3. Kaijus
4. Graydles
5. Deskbots

Neutral :

1. Kozmo
2. Mermail
3. Burning Abyss
4. Dracoslayers/Dracoverlord
5. Performapals

25th June 2016, 03:57 PM
Nekroz, I forgot about them. Not as irritating for me, but still, rather stupid.

25th June 2016, 04:25 PM
Waiting for the hatred on mine:

1) Kaiju. The art is nice, and I enjoy having my monsters sit on my friend's monsters as their seat cushion.
2) Nekroz. Again, the art and design. I like them a lot, free my shota boy Shurit damn it
3) HEROes. This one's.........well okay. I play HEROes, I like HEROes. I HATE Dark Law since it's stupid easy. Even I, a HERO player agrees that Dark Law is FUCKING STUPID, and with it still existing in the game I don't think they can even MAKE new Masked Heroes as long as Dark Law exists. Unless they make either the new Masked Heroes super trash like Blast or whatever that level 6 Wind one is, or if they ban Dark Law, which would flat out kill Masked Heroes. Honestly though I'd be fine with banning Dark Law if it means we get new ones
4) Quantals. Art again. And it's POWER RANGERS.
5) Magnet Warriors. THEY FINALLY GET SUPPORT AND I'M HAPPY! Too bad ABC's stupid as hell

1) Kozmo. Scum of the Earth, scum of the galaxy, needs to get sucked in a black hole and die. Who the fuck thought that giving 1/2 their monsters a dodge ability and the other 1/2 a float mechanic was a good idea? And who also thought that it was a good idea to give their big ones target immunity? Field spell's dumb too. This entire archetype is stupid
2) Monarchs. Boring to play, annoying to go against from time to time.
3) Yosenju. I don't think I need to elaborate on this one
4) Majespecters. Oh dear gods why do these little bastards exist
5) Amorphages. The actual plague.

I'd list more decks I hate than I would like, but eh.