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21st July 2016, 05:41 AM
Top Ten Yu-Gi-Oh! Antagonists

What's up guys, it's Sanokal here and I'm bringing you a Top Ten list regarding the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. It's a subject that we don't see broached as often when talking about Yu-Gi-Oh! I feel, and half the time I only ever find outdated articles or videos whenever I want to check something like this out, so I'm going to start discussing certain aspects of the anime and even the manga.

Today we're talking villains; Yu-Gi-Oh! has quite a fair number of various antagonists and villains in the series that tend to vary quite a bit when the writers aren't making intentional homages to past villains, but I digress.

The first thing of course to note is that this list is current to the time of writing, and as such may later end up being slightly inaccurate. And of course, regarding accuracy, do note that this list is my personal opinion, though I will take into account other people's opinions in my notes. Oh yes, and for those who haven't watched the series and want to do so, there's gonna be a lot of spoilers.

Now, without further ado, Number 10!

Number 10: Doctor Faker, Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL
A number of people may find this one strange, but I utterly adored having Faker as a villain. I actually disliked the Vetrix family for showing up and taking the focus away when they clearly weren't going to be the main villains, just because I wanted to see more of Faker.

Faker starts off as what appears to be a simple mad scientist trying to destroy a world – Astral World in this case – with numerous subjects doing his bidding, including Kite, Dextra, Nistro, and Mr. Heartland (who isn't far off himself). He's the driving force behind the first half of the show, building up to a final confrontation with him. He's the subject of some very surprising reveals, turning out to be Kite and Hart's father, and in the manga, being, well, dead.

Possibly the greatest moments where he shines (aside from when he's laughing madly, brought to life by both of his voice actors) are in the final duel with him. While his deck is a partial disappointment after the excellence of the Heraldic Beasts, the duel is by no means boring, admittedly thanks more in part to the teamwork of Yuma, Kite and Shark as his opponents. The reveal of Heart-eartH Dragon is impressive and foreboding, and the story reaches some of its heights when Faker reveals that he's actually not that evil and is instead working with one of the other entries on this list in order to save Hart. Of course, said entry then possesses him and everything goes to hell, but it is still nice to see him have a touching reconciliation with his family.

Number 9: Yuri, Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Sitting lower on the list in part due to his story not being finished yet and the quality of the other entries on this list, Yuri has quickly become everyone's new favourite psychopath in Yu-Gi-Oh! As an evil counterpart to main protagonist Yuya and supporting protagonists Yuto and Yugo, Yuri was always guaranteed to be an interesting character. After Yugo being evil was debunked, Yuri made up for this, and then some not long after, remorselessly and sadistically hunting his targets with an air of slight respect, total confidence, and a pure love of what he does. This latter part is what makes him so effective in my eyes.

It's hard to see why he wouldn't be confident either. When you can reduce one of the best female characters in the franchise to a running mess with a single duel, you know that this guy is to be taken seriously, and his full debut against five other duelists does not disappoint. His ace monster, the Starve Venom Fusion Dragon, is possibly even more horrifying than he is. And Yuri is smart; he deliberately took advantage of his resemblance to his counterparts despite the normal reaction being shock.

But possibly my favourite aspect of Yuri is that he is ultimately as much of a tool as his counterparts. He's clearly unaware of (and unwisely unbothered by) the Awakened State, and just as prone to being warped away by Zuzu's bracelet as anyone. One would hope that he doesn't figure out how it works though…

Number 8: Maximillion Pegasus, Yu-Gi-Oh!
For many of us, Pegasus was our first. (Innuendo intended despite my general innocence.) As the first major antagonist of the Duel Monsters anime, Pegasus quickly established many of the series trends; extreme skills and confidence, the mystical powers of the Millennium Items, and the Shadow Games that we all know and love.

Even without those, Pegasus was fantastic. He was dapper and hilarious (though a bit too over-the-top in the Japanese) and always ready to be both classy and amusing in the same scene. The man has Gorgonzola cheese, fruit juice (or wine if you really want to take the fun out of it) and a comic book for his quiet time, for God's sake! But don't let that fool you; Pegasus could be deadly serious when he needed to be, and it was very effective. However, I certainly don't mind that the whole weird-ass gun thing from the manga eventually mutated into the hilarious exchange from the dub with Bandit Keith.

Being the creator of Duel Monsters gave Pegasus enormous possibilities, and Takahashi took full advantage of this. He introduces Toons, and his blatantly overpowered Illusionist monsters to the game, including two of the best boss monsters ever in the form of Relinquished and Thousand Eyes Restrict. His duels were always thrilling to watch, and his motives sympathetic, yet likely twisted by his own Item, given the revelation at the end of the series that Bandit King Bakura sealed part of his own soul into it. No wonder he tried to steal the Millennium Puzzle rather than just ask for it. His tragic back-story that continued to receive expansion even after his time (and death in the manga) was packed with some of the best bits of the Yu-Gi-Oh! mythology. As a first and memorably entertaining villain, Pegasus more than deserves recognition.

Number 7: Jean-Michel Roget, Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Roget is another choice that people might not agree with me as much on. I will be honest; depending on his dub performance I may move him down a slot, but for now, Roget remains one of my personal favourite antagonists in the entire franchise.

How exactly do you make him good from the get-go? You let reality play its course; having masterminded his way to the top of Security in the Synchro Dimension City, Roget has all the resources of Security at his disposal, a privilege that he takes full advantage of to effectively win the first arc of Season 2. He knows the value of appealing to peace and traits that he can use micromanaging the Tops and the Commons and attempting to gain allies whenever he could. Of course, this would normally be dampened by the humiliation conga and loss of sanity that he goes through in the last part of the season, but this just made him even more entertaining. His voice actor gives us an utterly amazing breakdown, and from there the loss of control drives him insane. It's a joy to watch, and yet he's so vile a character that you hate him as well.

One of his better traits is a running theme in ARC-V; the writers subverting the expectations that he was an agent of the Fusion Dimension and instead explaining that he is a renegade who decided to take over the City instead. It may be significantly lesser in scope than many of the villains on this list, but by no means less evil. While his duel is little more than a formality, which admittedly should have been obvious going up against Declan Akaba, it's still very satisfying to see him knocked down another peg. His rage-quit is probably the most epic and vile act on this list, and I enjoyed the jackass even more for it.

Also, he has a sick French accent in the dub.

Number 6: Yubel, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Yubel is just flat-out terrifying. Most of the villains on this list are dedicated rather than devoted, if that makes sense. They fight for a goal, rather than a single individual. Yubel is unique in that not only does everything that she does focus on main protagonist Jaden Yuki, but she also focuses on destroying him rather than saving him, as Faker and Pegasus did.

This isn't to say that she thinks that she isn't saving him. Oh goodness, Yubel had probably the most messed-up psyche in the entire franchise; after her over-protectiveness of Jaden in his childhood resulted in him losing friends, Jaden had Yubel sent into space as part of one of Seto Kaiba's nutty ideas. He hoped that Yubel would be exposed to a force of good…she met the Light of Destruction. While she wasn't possessed, nor developed a split personality, she was fairly messed-up by the experience all the same, and crash-landed on Earth, the resulting pain and influence hurting her so badly that she rationalised to herself that her beloved Jaden didn't mean to hurt her. Well, he did, but not out of hate or anger, but out of love. From then on, Yubel devoted herself to showing that same love to Jaden, harming his friends and trying to make him assume a sick and twisted perversion of his own destiny, sacrificing hundreds in an attempt to fuse the twelve dimensions. Naturally, this was so disturbing that the dub simplified it into the more creepy desire to repay Jaden and punish him rather than love via pain. I…really cannot blame them for that at all.

Yubel's duels were as fascinating as her character. While they suffered immensely from the poor quality of GX duels in general, this was also one of the cases where this was beneficial since most of Yubel's extremely interesting cards have yet to see the light of day. Hint, hint, Konami. While her second duel with Adrian Gecko is my all-time favourite, her duel with Jaden is apparently so well thought out that it can be traced to the structure of a Jewish wedding. Bringing Exodia and the Sacred Beasts back into the spotlight, and then outstripping them with her own card, Yubel was always a tough opponent. Ultimately she wasn't defeated in a duel aside from her draw with Jesse, but on the other hand, it was fitting that Jaden's final act to stop her was out of love.

Number 5: Z-one, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Goodness me, I adore Z-one. Let me tell you a tale; the end of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's was when I first got properly back into Yu-Gi-Oh! (and thus far haven't stopped for quite a while) and thus the speculation that Z-one was actually a future Yusei was likely in full swing. I saw the evidence, and I immediately said, "No." I didn't deny it, but I didn't like it. Yusei, incorruptible Yusei, being a villain? No. I didn't buy that at all. And then it was revealed that Z-one merely modelled himself on Yusei, and I was relieved, while the fandom went through the equivalent of Chernobyl.

Even without this, Z-one is possibly the most sympathetic antagonists on this list. There's no malice, there's no evil, this is simply what he thinks has to be done. The future was ruined by the connection of Ener-D to the hearts of man, and Z-one saw no alternative but to erase it from history. The first attempt, Zero Reverse, ended up failing, so his people, and eventually Z-one himself, got more directly involved. Despite this, Z-one still held onto a sliver of hope, or maybe he was just being pragmatic, granting Yusei the capability to perform an Accel Synchro and sending Vizor to assist him. But in the end, the sliver became a stone tear, and Z-one battled both his former friend Aporia and his former idol Yusei in an attempt to ensure the destruction of New Domino City and the deaths of millions in order to preserve billions.

Z-one has possibly one of the fairest overpowered decks in the series: the Timelords. As powerful as other antagonists yet roughly balanced with conditions (that he of course proceeds to realistically sidestep). And while Sephylon got taken out immediately, the Timelords were an excellent challenge for Yusei to deal with, and we can't forget the sheer spectacle of the duel in the sky. The monsters, the environment, and the music were all excellent. It was quite possibly one of the finest duels in both 5D's and the entire franchise. And he accepts his loss and the possibility of hope, sacrificing himself to save the future and be with his deceased friends, and it is all the more heart-warming that Yusei eventually proved him right.

Number 4: Sartorius Kumar, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
We've had psychopaths, dictators, extremists and people trying to do the right thing, but rarely have we ever had such a psychoanalytic villain as Sartorius Kumar. When I say psychoanalytic, I don't mean that his personality – make that personalities – are worthy of detailed analysis, but I mean that Sartorius is one of the few villains that I find to correctly evaluate his enemies and exploit this. Dartz did so with lies, but Sartorius is armed with the truth; he doesn't forge a convoluted back-story for his underlings, he directly appeals to their existing flaws. Sure, he still mid controls them, but it's a moot point by then; they want him to control him by this point.

Possessed by the Light of Destruction and armed with his ability to influence destiny, Sartorius fears no-one other than the chosen ones who can defy this destiny. Against anyone else, he is unstoppable. Faced with an FTK duelist? No problem, ZTK him back. Duel the protagonists' main rival? By the end of it, he's ripped him apart mentally with nothing but offers. Jaden tells him to lighten up an enjoy himself? The Light of Destruction has possessed him so far by this point that he just starts reviling in the pain he dishes out to Jaden. Once he does start losing his control over destiny, he falters a little, but not by much. He even fooled Jaden into handing over the key that he needed to activate a satellite, and once he had it, he didn't even need to duel Jaden. Had it not been for the timely intervention of Neos, things could have been very different, and even when Sartorius was able to nullify the protection he immediately had an underling snatch the key and carry out his plan.

There are hints of the struggle between the Light and the true good persona of poor Sartorius, so realistically; we are talking about the Light of Destruction rather than Sartorius. But those small aspects all contribute more layers to this villain and are sadly not as touched upon as I would have liked, given that Jaden had to save the day rather than Aster. Sartorius also has one of the more unique decks in the series; the theoretically luck-based Arcana Force, although when you can control destiny, this is little more than a trivial formality. He's creepy as hell, very charismatic, and very successful – he came darned close to winning.

Number 3: Vector, Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL
I personally preferred the first season of ZEXAL, since the second season started off with a lot of filler. This devious and evil individual is likely the main reason why many people gravitate towards the second season. Vector was a character on a level of evil that the show hadn't seen in a long time; there are quite a few antagonists who end up redeemed in some manner, and while Vector ended up being redeemed himself, he sure as hell made the most of being evil. He reviled in pain and misery, he delighted in ruin, and he cared for nothing beyond his sick desires for entertainment.

There are no boundaries with Vector. Nothing is too horrible for him to consider, no slight enough for him to ignore, no opportunity to cause pain ever squandered. Introduced as the Barian who controlled Doctor Faker, he dropped out of the spotlight for a while, surfacing after the protagonists had defeated most of the other threats at present and embarking on a crusade of psychological warfare. Kidnapping Yuma's friend Ray, he lured Yuma, Kite and Shark to a field where he and his allies would have the advantage, and thus deepened Yuma's anger even more. But that all paled in comparison to his ace in the hole; the Vector that Yuma had been dueling was merely a decoy; the real Vector had taken the form of Ray and taken advantage of his "friendship" with Yuma to plant cards in his deck that nearly led to Yuma's downfall. He shattered the bonds between Yuma and Astral, depriving them of their greatest weapon, and even after his first attempt nearly succeeded; he came oh so close again to defeating them. While his deck became sadly overshadowed, the fact that he was one of the first Rank 4 spammers, before they became toxic, made him very intriguing in addition to the unique 0-ATK gimmick that his deck revolved around.

After that we were lent more meat than just a hilarious and vile psychopath. Vector had a past life with Nash, the true identity of Shark, and the enmity between them absolutely eclipsed that between Yuma and Vector. Even then, Vector's monstrous deeds continued to multiply; out of sheer spite and malice, he released the Barian Deity Don Thousand and plunged the Earth into nightmares, he gleefully slaughtered his allies (while remaining as spectacularly trolly and hammy as ever) and he plotted to overthrow the Barian Deity. It failed, but we received a glimpse into his past that proved once again that even the kindest individuals could be turned dark with the right possession and influence. Vector died with a small act of redemption, and apparently this was good enough for everyone. Considering that even this was remarkable, they sorta have a point.

Number 2: Yami Marik, Yu-Gi-Oh!
Before Vector, there was Yami Marik. Marik is most likely the number one on many people's lists, but a combination of personal enjoyment and respect only just edged him out of the number one spot. I really do mean this.

The split personality of Marik Ishtar, Yami Marik was birthed from anger and pain, and thus this was all that he was based on. Although Marik's adoptive brother Odion could calm the hurt and the sorrow, when he was apparently killed, Yami Marik broke free and for his first act, he proceeded to claim the powerful Millennium Rod and kill his father. At the glorious age of…ten, yes, he was younger than Vector. He was ready to finish Odion off too, but all Marik needed to see was that his adoptive brother was still alive, and Yami Marik lost the rage that he needed to take hold. Despite this, Yami Marik removed Marik's sense of guilt, and Marik quickly became a monster himself, committing several vile acts in the name of absolute power and envy. Inevitably, these acts put Odion in danger, and this time the power of the Egyptian Gods ensured that there would be no swift recovery. Yami Marik was released again, and he proceeded to carve himself into everyone's mind.

Desiring nothing more than pain and misery, Yami Marik continued the path that his weaker half had taken, seeing it as the opportunity to increase his power and fill him with sick joy. He tortured his opponents in vicious Shadow Games while suffering little injury himself due to his own sadomasochism. He didn't care who they were, though if their suffering hurt Yugi then who was he to argue? He commanded the Winged Dragon of Ra, the most powerful creature in Duel Monsters, and he used it to strike his opponents down in some of the tensest duels in the series. His duel with Yugi had the dubious honour of coming after the match between Yugi and Kaiba, an excellent match itself and my personal favourite, but it remained a standout on its own terms and provided a thrilling climax to Battle City. His deck was excellent for its time, with such strange and fascinating monsters that have never really been equalled, and he gave so much to the game. He showed us just why Monster Reborn was so powerful and should be used by everyone, brought us Metal Reflect Slime and Lava Golem, and his God Slime tactic was fascinating. While his motives are his strengths as an antagonist, they're a slight weakness that edged him out of number one…

Number 1: Yami Bakura, Yu-Gi-Oh!
There was no other choice for me personally. Yami Bakura takes the dedication and patience of all the other villains on this list up to eleven and runs with it. While Pegasus was the first antagonist, Yami Bakura was the first of the psychopaths, the evil, and the biggest head-raiser about the Millennium Items. Pegasus may have contributed more to them in his debut, but Yami Bakura only needed to exist to prompt the biggest questions; who are these spirits? Why are they inside the Millennium Items? Why are they the only ones?

Yami Bakura's first appearance, regardless of the continuity, had him defeated, but they established him as a competent gamer and an individual with no regard for his host (especially in the manga, where he impaled his freaking hand on a game tower). Despite this, it would take more than losing a Shadow Game to stop Yami Bakura, but he was now well aware that he needed to bide his time when it came to getting his hands on the Millennium Puzzle. He set his sights on the Eye, ripping it out of Pegasus and continuing to gather scraps of info behind the scenes. When it came to the Rod, he formed a reluctant alliance with Marik and stabbed himself again (seeing a trend?) He then engaged in a brilliant duel with Yami Yugi, and came very close to winning that too. Then there was his entertaining match against Yami Marik, and the final one against Yugi. All of his duels are varied, even more so than Yubel's, and thus all very intriguing for what he brings to the table. Yami Bakura was possibly a pioneer in the modern meta before it was the meta. Using the graveyard as a resource? Yami Bakura did it first. Lockdowns? All the time. Shady removal tactics? Big time.

While his continuous presence in the series built up interest, all it seemed to amount to was opening a door after collecting the Millennium Items, a goal that even Yami Bakura had been unclear on completing. Season 5 was where he truly came into his own, and he was everywhere. It was all about him; he was a constant threat, and the presence of the Dark One loomed as he made his moves… As he infiltrated the Pharaoh's journey into their sealed memories, he realized the terrible truth; he was Zorc Necrophades, the Dark One who had been defeated by the Pharaoh so long ago.

Talk about going from nobody to nightmare. He released Zorc into the world of his memories, and his past self of Bandit King Bakura claimed to be avenging his slaughtered people, stirred into the gold of the Millennium Items (Yech). But while he held the virtue of loyalty, that was about it. He desecrated graves (an even more heinous crime in Ancient Egypt than today), he spat on memories, and did not hesitate to kill or threaten to get what he wanted. Once Zorc was revived, he explained the truth of his nature; he was a being fuelled by the negative emotions of humanity, and he didn't actually plan to destroy the world. Once he had the world in his thrall, he would cover it in the darkness that had given him life; hatred, fear, and anger. When you think about it, that's nastier than destroying the world, I feel. Not that that's why he's up here. He also gains points for curbstomping Exodia and the Egyptian Gods. My goodness, now that's how you build up a villain.

The original and final antagonist who brought much fascination with him, Yami Bakura was such an intriguing antagonist that I had to give him the top spot.

Feel free to suggest topics for future Top Ten lists; I might make these a regular thing. And do of course feel free to put your own lists and thoughts down in the comments, but remember to be civil.

21st July 2016, 08:54 PM
Interesting no Dartz or Tron. I thought of them more as villains than Dr. Faker. Also thought Vector was better than Yami Marik, but that's just my 2 cents.

21st July 2016, 09:02 PM
Dartz was okay for me. His season was good, but I just wanted to get back to the main plot. Vetrix I definitely liked, but he was always going to end up being pointless in my eyes with Faker there.

21st July 2016, 10:12 PM
Bakura number 1! Yes.

I feel like Pegasus deserves a higher rank. There is still no one quite like him. And I would be over the moon if he ever appeared again. Love his personality. I would even love if Takahashi wrote a prequel miniseries about Pegasus origin, his love, and the Millenium Eye's full influence to him creating the game.

21st July 2016, 10:24 PM
He probably does; but being less of a villain in comparison to the others and me being fresh of Roget hype put him where he is.

24th July 2016, 07:22 PM
I liked Bandit King Bakura more than Yami Bakura, if it's even possible to differentiate the two. The Thief King was more evil while Yami Bakura lost his very first Shadow Game to Yugi/Atem in DM and later lost again to Yami Marik. Of course when you consider the opponents he was going against, he was bound to lose I guess. Overall though, all forms of Bakura didn't shine until the end so I'm not too high on them. I really wish they made Diabound into a deck we could all use.

My list would be:

1) Yami Marik - Ra vs Slifer and Obelisk was awesome
2) Vector - Purest evil of all
3) Yubel - Her duels when she took over Jesse was nice as well as her duel with Jaden
4) Sartorious - Society of Light invasion was cool
5) Z-One - Had the best duel of any villain
6) Pegasus - original evil
7) Yami Bakura
8) Yuri - Has Vector-like potential
9) Dartz - I liked his character and his Orichalos story
10) Roger - If they didn't make him so weak solely on his own, he'd be higher

24th July 2016, 10:10 PM
Yami Bakura is Zorc, but it's unclear how much he is the Bandit King. Yes, I want Diabound as well. Gimme!

25th July 2016, 02:26 AM
I believe that the thief king bakura we see is in fact yami bakura. He is the manifestation of yami bakura in the second (if we're including season 0) RPG they played. Its super confusing but its also why diabound had the power of blue eyes in the past, because yami bakura used diabond to beat kaiba in the future and also why bakura could beat slifer when dartz clearly showed in flashback that diabond lost to slifer.

25th July 2016, 03:09 AM
I believe that the thief king bakura we see is in fact yami bakura. He is the manifestation of yami bakura in the second (if we're including season 0) RPG they played. Its super confusing but its also why diabound had the power of blue eyes in the past, because yami bakura used diabond to beat kaiba in the future and also why bakura could beat slifer when dartz clearly showed in flashback that diabond lost to slifer.

He's the player character, not necessarily the avatar, but that is evidence towards him being the Bandit King as well. What is clear is that he started as a seed of Zorc's soul and that the soul of the Bandit King is sealed in the Ring. That's the only concrete info, though it's definitely possible to interpret him as a combination of the two.

29th July 2016, 06:24 AM
Yami Bakura didn't give a sh!* about losing his duels in the end. He didn't like being outsmarted in one of his mind games. But he got more pleasure out of screwing with his opponents minds, setting up challenges and putting a countdown clock (Destiny Board) on the duel. He wanted to see the effect it would have on his opponent. He didn't even bother dueling Pegasus. One mystical staredown and he simply gouged the Millennium Eye out of Pegasus' socket. Which killed Pegasus in the manga.

I give credit to Marik- he was the only character in the series that actually had multiple personality disorder.

31st August 2016, 10:41 AM
i like your comment...:o:o:o

4th September 2016, 01:21 PM
I also think like you ... like ...:p

4th September 2016, 05:12 PM
I'm not going to lie, I'm slightly confused.

6th September 2016, 05:21 PM
I'm not going to lie, I'm slightly confused.

He's made some on-topic posts, otherwise I would assume he was a spammer. So, I have no idea.

7th September 2016, 01:42 PM
Yami Marik
Marik Ishatr’s dark personality will probably be remembered by many as one of the most psychotic villains in Yu-Gi-Oh history.

7th September 2016, 05:06 PM
Undeniably so.

8th September 2016, 08:40 AM
i didn't know satorius last name was kumar :p

8th September 2016, 09:11 AM
i didn't know satorius last name was kumar :p

It was revealed in one of the video games I believe.

17th September 2016, 08:16 AM
Yuri, Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

17th September 2016, 09:18 AM
Yuri, Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

Your point is?

18th September 2016, 08:59 AM
After today's Ep... Yuri's confirmed Vector's spiritual successor as best trolly vilain of his serie.

18th September 2016, 09:22 AM
After today's Ep... Yuri's confirmed Vector's spiritual successor as best trolly vilain of his serie.

Episode 89 and his fusion puns didn't get that across? Glad to hear though, hah! Here's hoping the subs get back up and running soon.

18th September 2016, 09:24 AM
Episode 89 and his fusion puns didn't get that across? Glad to hear though, hah! Here's hoping the subs get back up and running soon.

In today's ep, Yuri REALLY pulled of a Vector's "faking being turned good/question his affilitation" moment at Asuka before litteraly "rape" her with Super Poly

18th September 2016, 10:11 AM
In today's ep, Yuri REALLY pulled of a Vector's "faking being turned good/question his affilitation" moment at Asuka before litteraly "rape" her with Super Poly

Asuke: Your turn!
Yuri: Wait a minute, I have to read my cards...

He's by far the funniest villian of them all. And yeah, todays episode made him one of the most evil ones as well.

18th September 2016, 10:45 AM
Asuke: Your turn!
Yuri: Wait a minute, I have to read my cards...

He's by far the funniest villian of them all. And yeah, todays episode made him one of the most evil ones as well.

Also, that aura around Yuri... Did it basically confirmed that Yuri... IS the Demon Duelist ?

18th September 2016, 10:58 AM
Appreciate the spoiler tags, thanks guys. I'm sure that I don't need to tell you this, but make sure you keep it on-topic. Thanks.