View Full Version : The Will of the Emperor - Monarchs [OCT 1st Banlist]

20th September 2015, 02:37 PM
No more clowning around this time... (http://i.imgur.com/f8DgJWT.png)

So, I decided to follow up on my Monarch Deck (The first OCG deck posted here!) with the release of the new Extra Pack 2015. This pack gave us a new secret weapon against the EMEm deck, didn't you know? The guys in the TCG had access to this one for quite awhile, but it hasn't been of much use over there. That's all going to change for the OCG, though. I am of course talking about the godsend that is "Typhoon". This guy can stop your opponent's first-turn shenanigans before they even get their plays going, just don't touch their Flame Mascot, and you're fine. But wait, there's more! Flying "C" also sided into your Main Deck creates a whole new level of pain. Suddenly, your opponent can not Xyz Summon. Trust me, you want to side as hard as possible against clowns. TCG folks, I'd stock up on a couple of copies.

Also, Beatrice has joined the fray. You will almost never need to make her, but it is better to have than not, as it will probably save your victory once out of every 100 duels, and with an almost useless Extra Deck, it serves as a saving grace. You can also actually use her effect that turn you summon it properly. When destroyed by an opponent and sent to the Graveyard, she gets out a 2800 beater, at that. A small thing, I know, but it is worth bringing notice to. I added in Majesty's Fiend, and some Mystical Space Typhoons. Forbidden Lance is now sided because it really doesn't hurt to have SOME defense in this deck. The choice to use or not use an Extra Deck is a hard one, but ultimately some of the perks of not using one cut off access to some key combos. Mega Zaborg, for example, couldn't target itself if March of the Monarchs was in play.

Clowns are here to stay for another format. That may be a very bad thing, but I'm ready for it.