View Full Version : Hello from a longtime viewer of the site!

25th September 2015, 07:09 PM
I go on the website everyday and when I saw the forums launched I immediately decided to sign up!
A little background from me:
-Ive been playing since LOB but only learned of the real intricacies of the game after high school. That would be around the time 5ds came about in the states (which I am from).
-I am a huge fan of the anime. Am currently on 55 of Arc V and have seen either subbed or dubbed of all the previous animes expect for zexal which I am on number 35.
-I love collecting characters decks! I have Yugi's, Jaden's, Yusei's, Yuma's, and now Yuya's (Thanks to the tins) decks irl in a very special binder.
-Lastly I am 24 and have been in love with yugioh ever since a little after it first came out here in the states.

I love the org and its dedication to keep us informed and the site is very friendly to navigate. The forums are as well. Oh and I hope to make some friends here to duel with or just talk to things about ygo related.

PS: Talk to me anytime about D/D's lol My favorite deck ever! I have the following irl:
Pendulum vanilla, Penguins, D/D/D (yes with only the tcg components and it works great!) , Superheavy Samurai, Raid Raptors .

Thanks for having me and hope to contribute in some way

Hope in the Interstice
25th September 2015, 10:56 PM
With devotion like that, no doubt you'll have a lot to contribute here. Welcome aboard!