View Full Version : Rate your Yu's and your Zu's

26th August 2016, 10:16 AM
So since all the Yuyas and all the Yuzus have dueled once, I think it's a pretty good to make a duelist ranking thread for the characters based on what we've seen so far for them.

Strongest Yuya

1. Vanilla Yuya - Probably cause he duels every episode and wins almost every single time.
2. Yugo - Had a perfect win streak until recently. Also Crystal Wing is a pretty op boss monster.
3. Yuto - We really haven't seen much of him. His win loss record for on screen duels is a win (against Sawatari so it really doesn't count), a loss, and a draw.
4. Yuri - i would move him higher up but we've seen him do one full duel versus a bunch of fodder, while Predator Plants seem like they can become pretty cool, the cards we were shown weren't particularly good.

Strongest Yuzu

1. Vanilla Yuzu - We've seen her duel the most, and while her duel record isn't as good as Serena her duels tend to be against recurring characters.
2. Rin - Mostly put her here because she broke Yugo's win streak.
3. Serena - Her record is pretty padded with wins but pretty much every victory has been against fodder.
4. Ruri - We know she's dueled 3 times, and lost 3 time. Also one her losses was to Sayaka.