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28th September 2016, 07:41 PM
Honestly, I wasn't really fond of Neos and the Neos-Spacians and I still like the other ace monsters of other protagonists more. I didn't like how they stole a lot of spotlight from Judai's Elemental HEROes and Neos appeared too often in my opinion (often even worse than Flame Wingman), but I do like Neos having those different forms, something that probably inspired the trend of protagonists evolving their aces in the "not-just-once-for-only-that-duel" manner and inspired them to focus too heavily on their aces. Either Neos or Blue-Eyes.

Anyway, it is sad to see that Neos and his pals haven't got direct support after all these years, except Neos Knight, who is not a good support either. Especially since the ARC-V era gave many other older archetypes support over the years.

Dark Magician... nuff said.
Stardust: International release of Shooting Quasar, and all the Stardust support cards.
Utopia's Shining evolutions.

And here are the rival archetypes: Ojama, (VWXYZ), Cyber Dragon, Destiny HEROes.

And other GX archetypes got more love than them after GX ended: Cyber Angels, Ancient Gears, Volcanic, Crystal Beasts, Amazoness and even Gladiator Beasts.

And it's not like that Judai never got support. No. The manga Elemental HEROes overshadowed his anime HEROes. His Masked HEROes even more. But since the manga E-HEROes are part of the E-HERO archetype, their archetype still got much more love than Neos. It's just Neos and his pals who don't get any love (and Yubel). Hell, even Kuriboh got more love than him. Even though Flame Wingman is Judai's favorite monster, it's Neos who is his signature card. Neos is the HERO of his deck, so it looks unfair that Neos hasn't some love after the end of the GX era.

The archtype really needs better cards. With the exception of Grand Mole, the Neo-Spacians aren't that good and are not really worth playing. Elemental HERO Neos being a Normal Monster is already bad (even though there is plenty of Normal Monster support), back then Neos as a card alone was worse than Dark Magician in the Duel Monsters era. Retrained versions of Neos, the Neo-Spacians and possibly Fusions would be neater. Maybe they could get rid of the whole "stay for one turn" concept, since it's the thing that hurts the archetype the most. If they would get the Gladiator Beasts' tagging, it wouldn't be that bad, but they shouldn't just copy that and aim for a different kind of play. Blue-Eyes and Dark Magician changed a lot over the years and play now differently than before.

Dread Kaiser
29th September 2016, 05:08 AM
I almost feel like you quoted me at some point or another

29th September 2016, 07:23 AM
Just finish the goddam series. NEX-Spacians and NEX Neos monsters. We didn't even get a Twinkle Neos. Missing 4 NEX-Spacians and 5 NEX Neos fusions.

29th September 2016, 09:25 AM
Just finish the goddam series. NEX-Spacians and NEX Neos monsters. We didn't even get a Twinkle Neos. Missing 4 NEX-Spacians and 5 NEX Neos fusions.

I don't even remember Twinkle Neos. But that doesn't solve the problems of the archetype. The NEX monsters Fusion Monsters themselves, thus they'd take valuable space from the tight Extra Deck.

Neos needs retrained versions for most of his forms and better Neo-Spacian pals or something that supports him as much as Dark Magician or Blue-Eyes. Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes and BlaMagi are now benifitting from being vanillas, but Neos does not nearly as much as them. None of his Neo-Spacian friends actually support him or each other. They have all solo effects, which makes less effective than Elemental HEROes who do suport each other.

There should also be easier ways for Triple Contact Fusions, since they aren't that worth to summon and the Triple CF Neos should be much better than the regular CFs.

The Neos-Spacians are not only weak in battle, but most of them have no effects that balance their weakness out.

29th September 2016, 10:00 AM
Marine Neos had 2800 ATK and could dump a random card in your opponent's hand every turn for no cost and it stayed on the field after the turn's end. Marine Dolphin had Aqua Dolphin's effect except without the "otherwise" recoil damage risk. Twinkle Moss had the inverse of Glow Moss effect-meaning every battle it is involved in is a free draw for you. Twinkle Neos probably would have Glow Neos effect, except it would be non-targeting, work on face-downs and could destroy on either side of the field. And it wouldn't be forced to leave the field during the End Phase.

29th September 2016, 04:12 PM
Ask and ye shall receive, Scion (though I only did NEX Fusions).

18th October 2016, 06:31 PM
Now we have got Honest Neos... And it's not even an actual Neos support monster. The first effect mostly benefit HERO decks, but it doesn't support Neos that much aside from the power boost. It's second effect is kind of neat, but remember that you run Neo-Spacians, thus it's less likely to have a HERO in your hand. In short, it's a situational Neos.

18th October 2016, 11:06 PM
It's a Neos card that is not made for Neos decks. :/

20th October 2016, 04:08 AM
E-HERO The Shining material.

Neos can be recovered by him if Miracle Fusion was used.

Dread Kaiser
20th October 2016, 08:55 PM
E-HERO The Shining material.

Neos can be recovered by him if Miracle Fusion was used.

basically how my Neos deck works.
Use him as Fusion material for any Hero, preferably Shining, Neos Knight or Nova Master
Use HERO Blast to recover him and pop near anything

Ideally, Fuse Shining with poly, then Miracle into God Neos and use him to copy Voltic to summon Neos back after punching with Shining.

Neos isn't useful as a Monster unless you build the whole deck around him