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20th November 2016, 04:57 PM
This Thursday, to forget how he lost to Yuya, Kaito, Jonouchi and Kachidoki in the last four league tournaments, Bakura and his mom visited Hawaii, where his mother left him behind so he can go to the local school because that's what mothers do. He has become classmates with Shinji Weber who is a decent guy this time. Bakura was challenged by a flying divine chicken mask and he couldn't deal any damage to it. And he received his electronic encyclopedia which will be possessed by the Professor's spirit next week.

Since this Friday, a lot of people start to play The Supremacy Sun and Mystical Moon.

The episode starts how Yugo lands on his ass after he got it kicked by Yuri. Yuri is aware that he and Yugo are basically one person and he is excited to become one with him. His Starve Venom reacts with Clear Wing and their owners go "IMA KOSO GA...HITOTSU NI!!" and Yuri's inner darkness eats Yugo. Now Yuri has become the owner of Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and he knows that he is only semi-perfect at this point. Now he is looking for his other half.

We go back between Akaba vs Akaba.
Reiji survives the duel by protecting his Darius with the Action Card Kiseki. After all, he is a Lancer. Reiji makes it clear that it is fine if Layra is believing that resurrecting Ray is the right way, but Reiji will still stop his father's plan to save the four dimensions and orders his brother to end his turn. Reiji draws a new DDD card, DDD Knowledge King Tomb Conquistador, a Level 10 and Scale 1 Pendulum Monster, setting him on his Pendulum Zone. He Pendulum Summons Brownie and triggers her effect; he tributes Brownie with Darius to Special Summon Tomp Conquistador from his Pendulum Zone. Tomp Conquistador and Sonic Halberd have both 3000 ATK, but Reiji uses Tomp Conquistador's Monster Effect to send 1 Dark Contract card his Graveyard and boosts its ATK by 1000 until the end of the turn. The new King uses his The End of Empire and wins the duel.

Reiji runs to his brother to assure that he is right (Remember the time when Kaiser defeated his little brother?), but then the wall crashes and Yusyo (whom is called Sakaki-san by the polite Reiji) is lying on the floor and Yuri arrives at the scene as well. Yusyo wants to stop Yuri to protect his son, but with the power of Z-ARC, Yuri is capable of releasing energy blasts from his body and sends Yusyo and then Reiji flying. Yuri is intrigued by the fact that Yuya has a father, and Yusyo is of course upset that Yuri has carded many of his students (including Asuka). The strange thing about Yuri's awakening is that his personality doesn't change drastically like the others. He's only mildly more aggressive, but his core personality remains the same. Yuya on the other hand is still fighting Z-ARC, and despite being awakened, he is not completely consumed by Z-ARC and still retains most of his personality.

Meanwhile, the Professor gives zero fucks about Z-ARC right now (pun intended) and he is more focuses to resurrect his daughter. Well, he actually is worried about the fact that Z-ARC is about to be resurrected, that's why he wants to fulfill his plan as soon as possible. Like Yuzu last time, Ruri gets teleported this episode.

Yuri gives Yusyo two options. Either he gets carded right away or he plays with Yuri and give him some fun. Of course, Yusyo wants to entertain Yuri and the start to duel. Yuri starts by Normal Summoning Cephalotus Snail and setting two cards. Yusyo however is disappointed with that turn. Since he has no monsters on his field while his opponent does, Yusyo Special Summons Entermate Revue Dancer from his field. Revue Dancer can count as two tributes, so Yusyo tributes her to Tribute Summon Entermate Sky Magician. Yuya and Reiji recognize his ace monster, and Yuri assumes that Yusyo's deck is themed after magic users. But Yusyo corrects him and he states that his deck is themed around entertainment.

Ladies and gentlemen. Yusyo activates the Continuous Spell Magician's Right Hand; as long as Yusyo controlls a Spellcaster-Type Monster, once per turn he can negate the activation of one of the opponent's Spell Cards. Yusyo assumes that Yuri's trump card (probably Super Polymerization) is one of the two set cards. Of course, since Magician's Right Hand only work on Spell Cards, it's a gamble, something that amuses Yuri Sky Magician's effect gets triggered and he gains 300 ATK for the activation and resolution of Yusyo's Continuous Spell Card. The entertainer is riding on one of Sky Magician's rings and declares to attack Cephalotus Snail, but Yuri activates Dark Seed Planter which turns every monster Yusyo controls into DARK monsters and Yuri can negate the attacks of DARK monsters attacking his own DARK monsters. Layra is worried about this action, but Reiji and Yuya are sure that Sky Magician won't lose to something like that. And yes, Yusyo uses Sky Magician's second effect which is triggered through Yuri activating a Spell/Trap Card. Yusyo can target one of his Continuous Spells to return it to his hand to activate another Continuous Spell Card from his hand, which is Magician's Left Hand, which works on Trap Cards. Dark Seed Planter gets negated and destroyed, and Sky Magician gains 300 ATK through his own effect.

It shown that Yusyo's Entertainment Duel has a positive effect on Yuya. The battle resumes, but Cephalotus Snail's Monster Effect is basically Kiseki, so Yuri avoids its destruction and takes half the damage. Despite his fucking leg, Yusyo jumps down to the ground and doesn't seem to be hurt. Yuri thinks that Yusyo has misplayed, since his plan of negating Yuri's "trump card" has become pointless. However, that was all according to Yusyo no Keikaku. He wanted Yuri to reveal his Dark Seed Planter so Yusyo is sure which one of the set cards is the "trump card". Yusyo activates Clairvoyance that allows him to guess the card type of one of the opponent's set cards. If Yusyo guesses right, the card is shuffled back to the deck and Yusyo draws 2 cards. If he he guesses wrong, the card is re-set and Yuri can draw 2 cards.

"O-tanoshimi wa kore kara da!" Like a detective, Yusyo explains his theory of Yuri's trump card. And, yes, it is CHOU YUGOU.


-Yuri does something on Yusyo.
-Yuri is entertained by Yusyo's duel, but he sounds evil.
-Yuri talks about Yugo.
-Yusyo pulls some kind of magician trick and Sky Magician seems to be fine.
-Yuya is back to normal.

Dyson Sphere
20th November 2016, 05:27 PM
and fusion-kun is officially dead

20th November 2016, 05:37 PM
Yugo's "death" honestly was crap, no final thoughts about Rin and his last words were "Hitotsu Ni". Totally didn't feel any emotion from that.

Reiji vs Reira ended anticlimatic as fuck and it added nothing to the story. Only bright side was that we got more D/D support.

I really loved how Yusho trolled Yuri, showing intelligence in Yugioh its always nice to see. And I liked how both Continous Spells reference the Duelist Kingdom price cards. Totally a better entertainer than Yuya who feels forced most of the time.

Also RIP Ruri, fav Bracelet Girl.

20th November 2016, 11:42 PM
First i'll talk about the card I was really hoping to see: Performapal Sky Magician is pretty underwhelming for me. First, it being a performapal it's weird. I thought it would be a true ace monster, different from the main deck (like odd-eyes in yuya's deck, dark rebellion, CW and SV). Its effect is slow (well i guess it matches with how duels were so slow 3 years from where they are now). With which cards can Yusyo abuse Smile World? his ace card.... I really think Laughmaker's effect to gain 1000 atk for each monster that gained attack (in the anime, not the official version) should've been Sky Magician's effect. That's my first opinion. I think Sky Magician is a Wind or Light attribute monster, so yuri could not activate super polymerization to fuse both monsters on the field.
- Yugo's absortion was weird, no final speech like Yuto ("forgive me rin...") something like that, but they had to use time for other things.. too bad
- Reira vs Reiji, like Lolster said, was anticlimatic, no emotion in the end. They could've let Reiji lose for some character development.
Professor just stands there not giving a flying fuck to what the others are doing or who's dueling who.

I hope Yusyo is not carded, i mean yuya will get out of zarc's control and seeing his father being carded so cold blood like yuri does will make him go berserk to the max, no doubt. But that image from yuya vs yuri doesn't show yuya being mad, just pretty serious. I want the best duel ever from those 2 (or you can call them, 4)

I put it in a spoiler tag in case someone didn't saw the image leak some days ago

21st November 2016, 05:06 AM
11th hour chance to develop C/C deck completely wasted.

21st November 2016, 06:32 PM
So I just thought of the following:

Leo is Reijis and Rays father, therefore Reiji and Ray are siblings. Now Shun is the brother of Ruri, and Ruri IS Ray, so is Shun Reijis brother and Leos son?

Anyways, the episode was kinda nice. Seeing Yuri being outsmarted for the first time was pretty nice, and Yusyo definitely proves why he is the first and most adored Entertainment Duelist. Although his deck seems too focused on Em Sky Magician (which's summoning scene was very good). I can feel some strong reminiscences to Dark Magician, and most of Yusyos cards revealed so far support both, but I don't know. I guess it's basically a field control deck, with the swap of the Continuous Spell as "Magic Trick" (can't he activate both at the same time though?).

We'll let's see what Predaplants we'll get from next episode, and who'll actually win.

It's Yuri, since Yuya vs Yuri is confirmed already.

21st November 2016, 07:26 PM
Dude, look at Yuri's line this episode.
He should change his name to Yaoi. lol.

Sky Magician's effects are too gimmicky though.

21st November 2016, 08:43 PM
So I just thought of the following:

The Professor is Reiji's and Ray's father, therefore Reiji and Ray are siblings. Now Kurosaki is Ruri's brother, and Ruri IS Ray, so is Kurosaki Reiji's brother and the Professor's son?[/SPOILER]
No. Syuzou got Yuzu without a mother, so it is possible that Kurosaki's family got Ruri out of nowhere as well. Reiji was born after the Professor met Himika. It's improbable that the Professor went to Heartland and impregnanted another woman.

P.S. Use apostrophes, please.

22nd November 2016, 01:58 PM
Tomb Consquistador effects are very weak, i hope it gets buffed IRL.

22nd November 2016, 03:23 PM
Tomb Consquistador effects are very weak, i hope it gets buffed IRL.
Yeah would've been better if it had some nuke x amount of monsters.

On a side note that creepy Yuri/Joeri face

22nd November 2016, 04:13 PM
Tomb Consquistador effects are very weak, i hope it gets buffed IRL.

Well, it IS a "Dark Contract" searcher, but since he's level 10 you can't Pendulum Summon from the Extra Deck, so yeah, a buff would be nice.