View Full Version : The Problem with the Current Format

3rd December 2016, 03:59 AM
It's fairly diverse, there's constant innovation and it can't be described as stale at this point in time, but there's something that frustrating me about the way the game is at the moment: there are no more grind games. Games are over too fast because decks establish their win condition (board states at which a comeback is very unlikely) alarmingly easily. The introduction of Toadally Awesome and Dimensional Barrier in INOV only exacerbated this.

I don't think this is a power creep issue as some people might say. We've had some powerful decks in the past who would also grind. PK Fire and Xyz Monarchs last format often had long games, Nekroz mirrors went on for ages and Ravine Ruler mirrors went on for ages if neither side drew RftDD. Some of these grind games existed because cards that punished overextension forced players into a Mexican standoff. Of course, something like HAT format is also great, where games last long simply because decks don't have the capability to put out large amounts of damage. However, I like combo decks so I wouldn't want to go back too far in time.

What would need to be done to slow the game down and is it even possible?

3rd December 2016, 04:08 AM
Ideally, there would be plenty of single-use ways of stopping stuff, with no continuous ways (i.e. floodgates). Conversely, the ease of summoning things could stay the same, but have them not have as much protection. Each turn would be a gambit. You summon something big, and hope your opponent can't stop it. If they can, you're out a monster, that at least you can replace next turn. If they can't, you're one step closer to victory. There's a back-and-forth, and everyone can do their cool stuff.