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18th December 2016, 06:41 PM
Sora and Edo are heading towards the room where the duel is holding place, Kaito is looking for Kurosaki, and Kurosaki has finally stood up; however, while of that happens, the activated ARC-V is starting to change space like it's Palkia. It's only a matter of time when the four dimensions become one again.

Yuri (while doing the YGO rape face) offers Yuya to surrender and become one with him. Even though Yuya refuses, Yuto, Yugo and Yuri are chanting "IMA KOSO, HITOTSU NI", causing Yuya to awaken in the same manner as his three counterparts (you know, the glowing eyes thing). But Reiji reminds Yuya of Yusyo, and even while Yuri, Yuto and Yugo are continuing their chant, Yuya manages to not give in and sets his card. During the End Phase, Starlight Force gets destroyed due to Yuya's field having only a Level 7 monster as opposed to Yuri's total of Level 10 field, and as a result, Starve Venom and Clear Wing regain their original Levels and their effects.

Yuri draws and enter the Battle Phase (plot armor for not using any of Starve Venom or Dark Rebellion's effect?), declaring Starve Venom to attack Odd-Eyes. During the battle, Yuya grabs an Action Card, but his dragon is gone. Then Clear Wing attacks him directly, and Yuya reacts by activating Evasion, but Yuri negates the activation with No Action. Sora and Edo enter the room and see how Yuya gets attacked by Clear Wing. Meanwhile, the Professor's team have already set up the Isolation Dome.

The room is now isolated from the planet and Academia and is in space. The whole thing looks messed up. Reiji runs to Yuya (here you have your fanservice, yaoi fangirls) and Layra says that he cannot hear Ray's voice anymore. (Does that mean he was hearing her voice the whole time until that moment?) The Professor is puzzled why Ray isn't resurrected yet.

Sora and Edo learn that Yusyo was defeated by Yuri. After hearing his taunting, Yuya stands up, and the other four guys want to enter the duel to help him out, but Yuri goes Piccolo and uses a shockwave to blow them away. Then Yuri orders Dark Rebellion to attack Yuya directly. Since it is doing it in Hanki Gekirin Strike Disobey style, Yuya has enough time to grab an Action Card. But before he can use it as a cost, Yuri activates the Action Card Flash Action to destroy the Action Card Yuya just required, which forces him to send Smile World as a cost to the Graveyard to activate his Trap Card Farewell, which ends the Battle Phase and negates the effects of all monsters until the end of the turn. Yuri ends his turn by setting two cards. However, Yuya goes zetsubou because he threw Smile World away, the precious card of his father that kept him sane.

While Kaito is wondering what's going on with the room, Kurosaki didn't stand at the same place the whole time and actually meets the buddy who calls him by his first name. Reiji gives Yuya a pep talk, which actually works. As a call back how he Pendulum Summoned the first time, he summons three monsters at the same time: his new two Entermates Trap Mimic and Flat Rat and as well as Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. With Odd-Eyes being re-summoned, all four dragons are gathered on the field again, causing Yuya to feel more pain again. Yuya activates Trap Mimic's Monster Effect to destroy Yuri's Dragon Creeping Plant, freeing Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon from Yuri's control. Then Trap Mimic is placed on Yuya's Spell/Trap Card Zone and mimics Dragon Creeping Plant's effect, which Yuya uses to take control of Clear Wing Synchro Dragon. Yuya's friends are sure, that if Dark Rebellion uses its effect on Starve Venom, Yuya will win. But Yuri activates Predator Plants Reborn to revive Stapelia Worm in Defense Position to protect Starve Venom from Dark Rebellion's effect. In response to the Special Summon, Yuya activates Flat Rat's effect to make Stapelia Worm the same Level as its own, now it has become a Level 5 monster. Yuya activates Dark Rebellion's Treason Discharge, and Yuri response by activating Stapelia Worm's effect, which of course is negated by Clear Wing's Dichroic Mirror and Treason Discharge goes through. Yuya then uses Treason Discharge a second time on Starve Venom, but Yuri doesn't let his weakened dragon unprotected and activates Ridicule World that increases the ATK of all of Yuya's monsters by 100 and prevents any monster from attacking whose current ATK is higher than its original ATK. Yuya however is not bothered by all of Yuri's Vectoring and he simply tributes Flat Rat to make one of Yuya's monsters ATK become the same as its original ATK. Yuri believes that he is still going to win, since he even if Yuya would destroy Starve Venom, its third effect would wipe of all Yuya's monsters and Life Points. Of course, that would only work if Yuri has Life Points left. Flat Rat's effect is targeted on Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, reducing its ATK back to its original 2500 ATK. Yuya orders Odd-Eyes to release its Rasen no Strike Burst on Starve Venom Fusion Dragon, and thanks to Reaction Force, Yuri loses all of his remaining Life Points. And Yuri does what Yami Bakura did, laughing maniacally while facing defeat.

Yuri is actually glad that he lost to Yuya and he is ready to absorbed by him. Reiji, Layra, Edo and Sora are convinced that Yuya is not going to do that. But there is one problem. True, Reiji told Yuya to win. But winning the duel actually triggered Z-ARC's awakening. You know. The invincible duelist who continues his eternal winning streak. The Astrographic Magician/Sorcerer appears and gathers the four cards, and the string of pendulum pendantis torn apart. Reiji and co. leave the room and see that space is messed up, as you can see Maiami City, City and Hearland in the sky. And Haoryuu Z-ARC has also made its entrance.

I like the final combo.

I think Yuya was subconsiously consumed by Z-ARC when he lost Smile World and Reiji ordered Yuya to win.


-The reappearance of Tokumatsu, Shinji, Sayaka, Allen, Syuzou, Tatsuya, Ayu and Futoshi.
-Z-ARC is revived as the Haoryuu and begins wrecking shit.
-A Destiny HERO is protecting Z-ARC's attack on innocent people.
-Z-ARC takes a humanoid form that looks like a demonic version of Yuya, challenged by Sora and Edo.
-Sora is holding the pendulum pendant.

18th December 2016, 07:07 PM
So I really liked the conclusion of the duel. Yuya get's Yuto and Yugo on his side, and then beats Yuri with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, his original ace monster (not counting Odd-Eyes Dragon). To do this, he had to discard Smile World though, and I guess there he discarded his humanity as well (so metaphorically, much wow). So in the end, Yuya won the duel, but Yuri accomplished his goal anyways.

Yuya turning into Zarc in the end was nothing unexpected,
and spoiled by the previews,
so I'm fine with it.

Now we just can wait to see the last support for our dear anime-archetypes ever.

18th December 2016, 07:23 PM
I hope that Yuya's mother and friends in Standard, and friends from Synchro and Xyz Dimension, will see Yuya in Zarc's demonic form.

The mokey
18th December 2016, 08:27 PM
So Yuri is the only Yu who could not beat Shingo.
What? Oh yeah, like i'm the only one thinking it!

18th December 2016, 09:04 PM
I think that, near the end, we can still think about a new theory. Just after Yuya's pendulum falls from him, Yuya is taken over by Zarc.

Oh and I think that, if Yuya has to face Zarc, there will be an EGAO version of the Supreme King Dragon to beat him.

19th December 2016, 02:24 AM
Poor Yuya. I didn't even realize until he repeated it that Declan had accidentally pushed him down the path of Zarc.

Fantastic climax. Disliked Flat Rat and initally wished for Raging Dragon or Rebellion Dragon, but the three dragons teaming up to take on Yuri was so beautifully cathartic. So long Yuri. You were a fantastic villain and you made every second count, especially with Yuya.

19th December 2016, 03:54 AM
Oh and I think that, if Yuya has to face Zarc, there will be an EGAO version of the Supreme King Dragon to beat him.
Ultimate Egao Lord Dragon of Smiles. It evolves into Ethereal Grand Arc Overlord.

It comes with Ultimate Egao Servant - Showtime Conductor and Pendulums named Ultimate Egao Stage - Right Hiragi and Ultimate Egao Stage-Left Sakaki.

19th December 2016, 04:34 AM
Yuya's Pendant... how it was created? How Yusho obtained it? It has a similar appearance to the girls' bracelets. Not only glows when Yuya got his very first Pendulum Monsters, it also reacted everytime Yuya went berserk. Casually, Yuya is fully taken over by Zarc after his pendant falls from him.

19th December 2016, 01:42 PM
Yuya and the others could be trapped in the in pendant maybe that's where ZARC was this whole time?

19th December 2016, 01:55 PM
I liked the last turn of the Duel, the back and forth between effects was awesome while Yuya stealing the Dragons and finishing with Odd-Eyes were THE greatest moments. Kensho Ono really nailed it with both characters, especially Yuya's breakdown. Only complaints are that the Duel was pure Dragon shenanigans instead of character-driven, no Starving Venom attack or effect name yet, and Yuri's misplay (don't copying Odd-Eyes or using Dark Rebellion's effects).

Zarc-Yuya albeit a nice twist I'm a bit dissapointed that we haven't seen Zarc's original face yet, but anyway looking forward to him trashing the cast.

Other thing worthy to mention is that the Astrograph sequence was awesome, all of it. I also liked the monster was so calm, but I guess it was just doing what his boss was ordering to it.

19th December 2016, 10:16 PM
Ithink this episode puts Yuri on Vector's level. Maybe even A LITTLE above him..
I gotta say tho. Arc v has been going down hill for some time now but i think the ending(which started this episode) will be even better than the beginning

20th December 2016, 04:53 AM
In addition, props to the ever amazing Ebina-sama.

23rd December 2016, 09:14 PM
Finally got to watch Episode 134 and 135. Like Dark Shiny is saying, the mystery of the Pendulum Summon and the Pendant are what intrigues the most right now. How was it created? How can Zarc use Pendulums if the pendant was never really his and it's not with him when it falls away from Yuya will he's absorbing Yuri. The Pendulum is the focus of the intro song and the ending song as well. Very interesting.

The episode itself was incredible. Yuri trolling hard, having 3 of the Dimension Dragons for most of the duel, and actually being a better Action Card user than Yuya was great. I was hoping he'd win and when he had the 3 Dragons I thought he would. Even in defeat this guy was psychotic to the end. And Yuya. Poor Yuya. Struggling to the bitter end to try and prevent what even Ray, Reira and the rest of us knew was inevitable. The meltdown when he discards Smile World was powerful to me. And it turns out Ridicule World is the evil counterpart to Smile World.

I am a bit shocked that Supreme King Dragon Zarc made it's appearance already and will start rampaging. I was hoping for Zarc human form to appear.

Lastly I wonder if Ray will come with the 4 Spell Cards in her hand or if they're gonna have to search for them. I wish each of the Yuzus used the cards themselves in their own duels so we kinda knew what they do.

24th December 2016, 04:45 AM
Hear Dashing Pendulum after Yuya becoming the devil is just... my god. Future Fighter and Vision were good songs for a last arc ending.