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15th January 2017, 07:24 AM
My brain went into overdrvie for no reason today and I ran an entire climax/ending to the show in my head and thought I'd share. Because, why not?

Okay, so Reiji appears to come close to overpowering Zarc until it's revealed that he was just toying with Reiji(the Yuri aspect of Zarc rearing itself). Reiji ultimately loses. Meanwhile in the Arc Area Project, we get a peak inside and find that the reason Ray has not emerged is because her 4 dimensional personas have forced her in to a four against one duel for the right to walk out of the light. As Ray defeats each of her personas one after another, Serena, Rin, Ruri, they pass on their torch and all their hope to Yuzu who gains some new Extra Deck power as she merges with them. Ray makes a mistake and Yuzu is able to back her into a corner. Seeing Yuzu's fierce determination and the support of all the personas behind her, Ray concedes the duel and entrusts the 4 cards that split the universe once before to Yuzu that she would do what needed to be done. Yuzu calls them a last resort before Ray merges with her and she stumbles out of the Arc Area Project with all 4 bracelets on her arm, reminding her of all who trusted their hope to her.(This lasts a total of 2 episodes)

Yuzu races to where Zarc is just as he is about to dispose of Reiji and catches his attention. She still believes that Yuya is inside Zarc, since Yuya was the last Yubro standing and is now serving as Zarc's core body. Yuzu pays the intrusion fee of 2000 LP and the long duel rages towards its last leg. Zarc throws all his might against her but the power and support of all the personalities backing her up help send her over the edge and she manages to break up Zarc's strongest play. At this point she is finally able to wake Yuya's sleeping persona and helps him to vanquish Zarc's persona for good.

The duel dissipates and at that moment Yuzu says that they have both broken reality one too many times and the only way to stabilize the multiverse is to remove themselves from reality itself. Yuya agrees and they decide to have one last farewell duel between two old friends. And some point a move is made and both of their life points drop to zero at the same time. They walk towards each other as a bright light begins to fill the screen. Yuya hugs Yuzu (After all this time chasing her, she wound up rescuing him). Then the screen goes white and when the image returns we see two cards float to the ground with Yuya and Yuzu's images. Then even those images fade as the cards blanch to white.

The last few minutes of the show is a montage set 3 years later as we look in on the Standard dimension. an older version of Ayu and Futoshi stare up at a memorial statue of Yuya and Yuzu with a close up of the inscription that reads "In heroic memory of two brave souls that saved not one, but many worlds." A 3 year older version of Mieru then calls out to them and as she approaches she reminds them Tatsuya's duel is about to begin. She looks over her shoulder and waves to the three duelists from LDS that once challenged Yusho Duel School and they wave back. Then the three of them start running toward the stadium. As they run, they pass another statue. This one of the Lancers. we move in on the statue to find Sawatari underneath, regaling his friends and a small crowd of his heroic exploits. The montage continues over music as we see older Reira in a rematch with Tatsuya and his Performachines. Yusho, his wife and Shuzo cheer from the sidelines while on the other side Reiji watches from a private viewing box with his mother and father sitting behind him. Ayu, Mieru and Futoshi arrive next to Gongenzaka, sitting in the stands. He greets them and they take their seats. From the top of a building, Moonshadow and his brother watch the duel as it plays out on a giant billboard screen.

As the credits start to role, instead of the end theme we continue to see the montage moving on to the Synchro dimension where Shinji and Crow sit excitedly in the stands next to the orphan kids as Chojiro challenges Jack in his usual jovial attitude. The scene eventually moves to Shun and Kaito sitting at a cafe in the rebuilt Heartland watching Sayaka and Allen duel. The Tyler sisters sneak up on them and Kaito spills his coffee as Shun laughs. Finally, we move on to Academia where Asuka and Sora are tag dueling in the stadium against Edo and Dennis. Isao looks on listfully on the balcony of the stands and then Battle Beast walks up behind him, smacks him on the back and hangs an arm on his shoulder with a big happy smile on his face as he too watches the duel.

Finally as the credits end, the scene pans up toward the night sky. The stars begin to get bigger as if we are rising up to meet them. Then one bright star begins to glow red and another glows blue. The two stars begin swaying back and forth and then spin creating a pendulum portal. In the last moments of the series an unconscious Yuya and Yuzu drop out of the portal and fall (slowly) back to earth. Yuya opens his eyes just slightly, sees Yuzu falling next to him, reaches out and grabs hold of her hand-the one that no longer has bracelets.


(mic drop)

16th January 2017, 09:35 PM
This was a beautiful ending. You could feel the emotions put into it. I cant really think how they can make an ending better then this. I really really want this now.

The mokey
17th January 2017, 02:10 PM
i have a Feeling the final duel will be yuya va yusho