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16th January 2017, 07:41 PM
Seeing as how the game has gone a long way since its humble beginnings (I still remember how my dad gave me a Yomi Ship he found over 10 years ago), I want to make a thread where we show off cards we would want the game to have.

I do want to refrain from posting cards that are too OP or cards that would benefit certain decks; I rather want to have a discussion on how a certain card would "balance" the broken aspects of the game. I want to see any cards I post here to be scrutinized on whether or not they balance the game (or break it more) and what changes would have to be made for the card to be "realistic" (language included).

I want to start off with these 3 cards, I've made them ages ago but the idea behind them was that there would be little support for those cards. Furthermore, although they could be put in any deck, they would restrict OTKs.


16th January 2017, 08:33 PM
The "Create a card thread" exists for the very reason of showing fan-made cards created, this section here is more to display drawings and stuff like that.

16th January 2017, 08:58 PM
Oh sorry, I looked if there was a thread like this but I must have missed it. Thank you.