View Full Version : Returning Player from back in the day

7th February 2017, 04:27 PM
Hello everyone! I am returning to the game after a long, LOOOOOONG absence. I have been a ccg player all my life but only got super competitive when the new Dragon Ball Z game came out two years ago. Went to my first CCG Regional, and did quite well for being my first competitive card game.

Then the game died and I picked up Star Wars Destiny which I REALLY like. Then Dark Side of Dimensions came out and reignited my love for YGO. While I love the smaller games, it can get tiresome worrying if EIGHT people will show up to a tournament (or maybe 10 will show up! WOOOOO!) So I wanted to try a game that more people actually play lol

Went to the Raging Tempest Sneak Peek last week and had a blast and the scene down here is super friendly and very helpful to this returning old timer! Currently working on DDDs and I will post my list up later for review!

Very happy to be back in the YGO scene and look forward to interacting with everyone here!

8th February 2017, 12:33 AM
Welcome back to the game, and welcome to the org.