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12th February 2017, 05:58 PM
In the beginning, we see that Himika regrets to raised Layra as a child soldier to take revenge on the Professor...yeah, that doesn't make her a much better mother, but at least she realizes what she has done. Back to the duel: Yuya tries to find an Action Card with his Discover Hippo, but Tsukikage is faster than the hippo. However, Yuya has already jumped from Discover Hippo's back to get the Action Card Miracle from a stone wall. The Battle Damage would be halved, but rather then letting Yuya taking just 1250 damage, Sawatari has another plan for that. He activates his Trap Card Abyss Impromptu Play - Improv to target his Curtain Raiser to increase the Battle Damage Tsukikage's Getsuga (Tensho) would inflict by the amount of Curtain Raiser's 1100 ATK. (What a dick move!^^) Gongenzaka on the other hand is a living proof why the Bro Code is right, as he sends his Otasu-K from his hand to the Graveyard to make the DEF of the Hippo Token by the same as Big Ben-K's 3500 DEF. Tsukikage takes 1600 damage (am I bad in math, because my calculation would be 2100 damage). Anyway, Tsukikage end his turn.

The reason why Gongenzaka helped Yuya was he wanted to defeat Yuya by himself. That's something what Kaiba and Jack would say. The Battle Royal has now turned into a tag-battle (well, it's still technically a Battle Royal), now we have Yuya & Gongenzaka vs Sawatari & Tsukikage. Yuya sets his two -gazer Magician in his Pendulum Zones to Pendulum Summon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. By the time Odd-Eyes unleashes its Rasen no Strike Burst on Curtain Raiser, Yuya remembers his first duel with Jack and that the Lancers were in the Synchro Dimension. Sawatari uses Curtain Raiser's effect to double his ATK during the Damage Step, reducing the Battle Damage to 300. While gloating how the man who calls himself Super Ultra Hyper Strong Duelist did that with Yuya's ace monster, Yuya doesn't waste time to attack him directly with Discover Hippo, showcasing us again why Sawatari is a joke character. Yuya ends his turn and he's wondering why he went to the Synchro Dimension.

Sawatari wants to show the best Entertainment, but Yuya declares that he will do that. Sawatari draws Funky Comedian and sets it along with Extra in the Pendulum Zones and he Pendulum Summons Big Star and Curtain Raiser. In response to that, Yuya activates his set Trap Card from last episode, Entertainment Dragon's Shadow, but then he gets a flashback of his duel with Edo, including the ripped bottom half of Smile World. Yuya equips Discover Hippo with Odd-Eyes Pendulum and increases his ATK by 2500 ATK. Seriously, we get a dude riding a hippo riding a dragon. Sawatari is not impressed at all and he uses Funky Comedian's Pendulum Effect to add Curtain Raiser face-up to the Extra Deck to increase Big Star's ATK by 1100. And with Big Star's Monster Effect, he adds Abyss Script - Heavenly Evil Spirit to his hand and activates it, allowing him to make the ATK of every monster that battles an Abyss Actor become equal to its DEF. (This card would be useless against Gongenzaka.) But Discover Hippo sniffs and Action Card and Yuya uses Allen's rollerblades to get the Action Card Encore to re-use Evade's effect. Tsukikage uses Hazy Shuriken's effect to inflict 300 damage on Yuya by discarding a (Action) Spell Card.

Meanwhile, Syuzou is hitting himself with Yuzu's fan and he's still trying to figure out the origin of the fan and the name of the fruit (it's citrus/yuzu). Then he decides to put the fan away and he's about to open Yuzu's room, but he hears her voice telling him that he should not enter without knocking, and we get to see some cute Yuzu flashbacks. He opens the room.

Sawatari activates the Quick-Spell Card Abyss Performance. Since an Abyss Actors has destroyed a monster by battle, he targets Big Star to half his ATK and allow him to attack a second time. Yuya remembers how the Lancers went to the Xyz Dimension to the Fusion Dimension to battle Academia, and that he was looking for someone. Big Star attacks Discover Hippo that is protected by the effect of Entertainment Dragon's Shadow, but Yuya still takes 1000 damage. Sawatari ends his turn, and the effects of his Spell Cards expire, except Funky Comedian's for some reason. The effect of Yuya's Trap Card also ends.

Gongenzaka sets Hisu-E and San-5 in his Pendulum Zone to Pendulum Summon the Level 2 Kaku-5 which has 100 DEF. Then he Normal Summons Double Horn and equips Big Ben-K with it. While Nico is doing his commentary, Syuzou arrives there and he takes his mic, telling Yuya that Yuzu is gone. Now everyone remembers Yuzu. It's convenient how easy returning memory works here. When Layra sealed Zarc's soul, she was turned into a baby, but sacrificed her egao. Before the revelation becomes heavier for Yuya, Gongenzaka resumes his turn and uses Kaku-5's effect by paying 1000 LP to decrease Big Star's ATK by 1000. The man re-uses the effect twice again and then he attacks Big Star with Big Ben-K, causing Sawatari to lose. (Ha! He lost first!) With the effect of Double Horn, Gongenzaka can attack a second time, destroying Tsukikage's Getsuga with Big Ben-K. Then he uses Kaku-5's effect to destroy his Pendulum Cards in the Pendulum Zones to allow Big Ben-K to attack again, destroying Shingetsu and defeating Tsukikage with him. While all of that happens, Yuya gets flashbacks of Yuzu, how he first saw her in the Synchro Dimension, how they were seperated all the time, how she was brainwashed, how she begged him to not act like a berserker while he was awakened and how he and Yuto screwed that one up when Ruri began to disappear. In the end, he realizes that he's Zarc. (Actually, you're not Zarc. You're just a quarter of him. Everybody treats Zarc like an evil Yuya, even though Zarc is his own person).

Wow, Tsukikage doesn't even get his second turn. Gongenzaka totally wrecked Tsukikage all by himself. Also, it's the first time we have Pendulum Cards on four sides.


-Yuya says that Zarc's soul is in Layra.
-Himika informs them about Layra's situation.
-Yoko takes the mic.
-Big Ben-K's destroys Odd-Eyes Pendulum.

12th February 2017, 06:03 PM
Nohting noteworthy except Gongenzaka finally winning again after 85 episodes (vs Dennis). And the show remembering Yuzu existed.

The premise (Reira cannot smile because somehow having Zarc inside him/her prevents it and Reiji recovers everyone's memories just to make him/her smile) is still stupid and would have been better if they remembered stuff right away to have 2 extra episodes to flesh out things, but whatever. And let's not even talk about Himika suddenly being a caring person, but then again, Arc-V likes to do character development off-screen.

Note: Tsukikage taking 1600 damage was correct, Miracle halves Battle Damage to any player.

12th February 2017, 07:26 PM
I still think that Layra is a boy.

Not only Yuzu is gone, but all her and Yuya's counterparts too. That would explain why Yuya was the only one capable of gain control of his body back from Zarc. The others are probably inside Layra.

12th February 2017, 09:00 PM
Finally, the man gets the win he deserves. Kinda weird though that his new monster's second effect is the same as his scale's, and both have the same cost as well.

The premise is complete bs, but hey, it's Yu-Gi-Oh after all. Now I really want to see Dennis and Kurosaki dueling again, even if they'll both use cards which probably never are printed...

12th February 2017, 09:10 PM
I think there's more to the premise than it seems, since Yusyo seems to treat the whole thing as some kind of "trial".

13th February 2017, 01:28 AM
Layra has become Legion.

13th February 2017, 08:39 AM
Hey, it's that guy from the "Reverse Trap" card.

17th February 2017, 11:22 PM
How about Gong going on the offensive for once and unleashing hell in this Battle Royale. Nice to see Gong do that. I still don't get Reiji didn't suffer the memory loss though

The premise is not only to restore Reira's smile but to also find Yuzu. The Reira egao part is weak but the quest to find Yuzu is at least somewhat intriguing

17th February 2017, 11:45 PM
How about Gong going on the offensive for once and unleashing hell in this Battle Royale. Nice to see Gong do that. I still don't get Reiji didn't suffer the memory loss though

The premise is not only to restore Reira's smile but to also find Yuzu. The Reira egao part is weak but the quest to find Yuzu is at least somewhat intriguing

"The Quest To Find Yuzu" should be this series subtitile. Arc-V: The Yuzu Quest