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1st March 2017, 03:19 AM
Some rulings just got posted up on Twitter from people enquiring with Konami’s ruling helpdesk. We now know how Extra Deck Monsters summoned via effects will be handled!

Disclaimer: These rulings are posted by unofficial sources on Twitter by people who have enquired to Konami’s ruling helpdesk. As they are not posted officially via official sources, their accuracy cannot be determined.
(However these accounts have a record of posting legitimate rulings so these ruling updates should be credible)



Q. When using cards such as Mask Change, Ultimaya Tzolkin or Bahamut Shark to special summon Fusion, Synchro or Xyz monsters from the Extra Deck (Which do not legally summon them), can you special summon them to a Main Monster Zone? (In the situation that there are no Link Markers pointing to those Zones.)

A. In this scenario, you may not special summon the relative monsters to the Main Monster Zone.

Additional note: This would also apply to Starlight Road, Cyber-Stein and other similar cards.

Source from https://twitter.com/Domiga_rule/status/835375528601235456



Q. If my Extra Monster Zone is empty and there are no Link Markers (pointing to Zones) on my field, and I have a Number 39: Utopia on my Main Monster Zone. If I were to overlay Number S39: Utopia the Lightning over it, must I summon it to my Extra Monster Zone?

A. In this scenario, your Number S39: Utopia the Lightning must be Xyz summoned to your Extra Monster Zone.

Additional note: When ranking up your Xyz monsters, they must go to an Extra Monster Zone / Linked Main Monster Zone regardless of which zone the original Xyz monster was on.

Source from https://twitter.com/178tei/status/835336395568795648

SOURCE (http://beyondtheduel.com/master-rule-updates-special-summoning-extra-deck-monsters/)


For anyone asking about Psy-framelord Omega

Konami officially stated this

Q: If Special Summoned an Extra Deck Monster normally, and it goes to the Graveyard, and I want to Special Summon it with “Monster Reborn”, which Zone does it go to?
A: It goes into the Main Monster Zone, not the Extra Monster Zone

Monster Reborn and similar cards like Escape from the Different Dimension Special Summon from some place like the Grave/Banished . Omega does not special summon itself back, its like Wind-Up Rabbit/Strike Ninja. It simply returns itself.

Monster Reborn = Specials Summons
Omega/Wind Up Rabbit/Strike Ninja = Returns

Dread Kaiser
1st March 2017, 03:21 AM
If these are true, we already knew

1st March 2017, 03:35 AM
If these are true, we already knew

Pretty much.

What concerns me more is how they gonna rule cards that alter the control of monsters i.e. Creature Swap, Mind Control, Shien's Spy/Mystic Box, etc.

Dread Kaiser
1st March 2017, 03:43 AM
Pretty much.

What concerns me more is how they gonna rule cards that alter the control of monsters i.e. Creature Swap, Mind Control, Shien's Spy/Mystic Box, etc.

Better question, Senet Switch
answering THAT one basically answers everything else "are extra zone monster forced to STAY in extra/non-linked zones"

if that answer is "Yes" it also begs teh question "what happens when the linking monster dies then?"
the logical answer to that being "They die (horribly)", which is what happens when mandatory effects try to place a monster on a full field (they go to graveyard)

If the answer is "No", then obviously there is no issue with control stealing
And if the answer is "Yes", Just steal the link monsters

one of those occasions where I REALLY hope Konami thought EVERYTHING Out before the did this

we also "sorta" have an answer to that in the form of Castle Link

Once per turn: You can target 1 Link Monster on the field; move it to its Linked Zone in the Main Monster Zone, except to that monster's opponent's field. Once per turn: You can switch the placements of 2 Link Monsters in your Main Monster Zone or 2 Link Monsters in your opponent's Main Monster Zone.

they will have to release rulings for this, but the card itself doesn't say you can't move a Link Monster out of the extra zone. more specifically, they specify you can only move ti to a Main zone, but not that it had to be in one to begin with.

so either it's allowed or they cannot be moved out of Extra zones, in which case we can expect the answer from Code of the Duelist rulings, if not sooner