View Full Version : Which 10 archetypes do you people think need new support ?

13th March 2017, 12:19 PM
Which 10 archetypes do you people think need new support ? I personally think :
1. Cloudians {d are cute little pufballs! nuf said.
2. Aroma {why do we only get 1 sycnchro and there are a lot more essential oils to exploit !
3. Gladiator Beast's { more fusions so you have a reason to play more cards like Gladiator Beast Alexander etc.
4. Hazy Flame { again, a lot of potential with monsters like the centaur, Monoceros, Crocotta, Simurgh etc.
5. Madolche {cute, sweet toys, with no king, jester or dragon.
6. Prophecy/Spellbook { more spellbook's plz so it can function again.
7. Shiranui {LV12 synchro and red sword and Ghost steed PLZ.
8. Scrap { More synchro's plz like a LV 5 and a LV6 would be handy so you can always synchro with Scrap Chimera.
9. U.A. {Ultra Athletes} { There are more Stadium sports.
10. Gimmick Puppet { more main deck monsters, and Non-Number Xyz monsters PLZ { i m a great fan of American
mcgee's alice madness returns.

13th March 2017, 01:28 PM
Umbral Horrors. Just because I don't like it when they make archetypes that don't have enough support to even attempt to play solo.

Dread Kaiser
13th March 2017, 04:13 PM
What do you mean "You People".........

What Voteccer said, Umbral Horror, Malicivorous, Gorgonics, basically every anime original archetype from Zexal that wasn't used by Yuma, Shark or Kaito. even the emperors got nothing.

then look at Star Seraphs, originally crap, got 3- 3 GO cards and became meta. you've done it once, do it more

Them aside:
Fire King, these are supposed to be the enemies of the Mermails right? can they LOOK the part instead of only 5 cards?
DESTINY HEROS, Remember how these guys were the Anti-HERO Counterpart to HERO monsters?
EVIL HEROS, remember how these guys were the Fallen HERO counterparts to HERO Monsters? in exchange for being stuck using Dark Fusion, you got a Fusion that was more powerful than most monsters (at the time anyway). those superpowered effects ....didn't age well. Dark Gaia, Wild Cyclone and Inferno Wing are the only ones worth looking at, and Inferno Wing's ATK is way too low. make an Evil HERO set for the 6 Attribute HEROs and/or Neos and a new fusion Spell to go with.

NEOS, every MC aces but him has received awesome support lately, Neos struggles to fulfill his own concept of contact Fusion and has more use as generic Fusion fodder you can turn into a beater with Oversoul or a pop with HERO Blast. we are talking about the monster involved in the most Fusions in the game, right?

Photons. No, not Galaxy, PHOTON. that Xyz killer archetype that was left behind when the writers decided Kaito needed to use R8NK instead of abusing his Number Collection. we have an incoherent mess including a Ritual and several Xyz. Go back to it's Xyz killer roots or have them mix with Ciphers

AEsir. GodDamnit Konami Show respect to the Gods

Vylon, another barely coherent mess, not as bad as:

GENEX, you have 3 Archetypes, and a shitload of cards and you STILL can't do shit? HOW DO YOU EVEN DESIGN THIS?

Battleguards, because Nostalgia and awesome demand it. give us Battleguard number 3, 4 and the shaman, and support that rewards you for having matching pairs or duplicate battleguards, and of course easier ways to drop them

Aliens. So much fun, best control deck. but you are SO SLOW. Aliens can DESTROY anything slower than them. unfortunately they are GX era, so that isn't a big list. lets fix that

13th March 2017, 06:43 PM
Evil HEROes, Neos and Neo-Spacians, retrained versions of the anime E-HERO Fusions.

Link support for Qli and Odd-Eyes/Magician.

13th March 2017, 07:37 PM
Link support for D/Ds.

Dread Kaiser
13th March 2017, 07:48 PM
Link support for D/Ds.

Link support for ​EVERYTHING

13th March 2017, 08:52 PM
Link support for ​EVERYTHING

We're getting up to 18 of them in CODE; hopefully one or two are going to be good parting gifts for D/D/D and Performapal Odd-Eyes Magicians. If not, then at least Links that work with them, even if they're not optimized for it.

26th March 2017, 06:00 AM
In no particular order:

1) Enitity- this archetype was cut in the cradle. More monsters. More support. And find a way to make Trapazohedron not suck in this Link era.
2)Evil HERO- more everything for this.
3) NEX- finish the fusions already
4) Arcana Force- more
5)Clear- we've so far got 2 monsters and a field spell
6)Orichalcos- the whole set
7)Horror/Hell Insect- perfect opportunity to build a new Insect archetype for the game.
8)Elf- 2 exclusive duelists, 3 Celtic Guardians, Mystical Elf, Dark Elf and a host of others should have propelled this into collective support by now.
9)Paeleozoic- Needs like, 10 more cards at least.
10)Cardian- let this not become the new Arcana Force.

Honorable mentions:
1) Magnet Warriors
2) Rose
3) Virus
4) Jinzo
5) Gem Knight Ladies
6) Spiders
7) Masked HEROs (Maind Deck monsters and the last3 fusions)
8) Individual support for each of the 6 original Monarchs allowing each of them to become their own deck. (Royal Guards, Knights, Royal Viseer, Throne equip spell, Castle continuous spell, Kingdom field spell, signature move trap)

29th March 2017, 03:34 PM
Vylon. Been my favorite archetype since they were first introduced. Even if im not gonna play it for the locals, i still bring my Omega-loop to locals just for fun because I love the deck, and its got diversity with Epsilon control and Sigma OTK.

As much as i love it, the archetype is just really missing crucial pieces of the puzzle that facilitate their own synchros and summons. My personal Idea that ive created for support would be Pendulum/Union And Pendulum/Union/Tuners monsters much like ABC has, and a card like Divine lance with no summon Restriction. For example. Its always hard to get a Vylon non tuner and a Vylon Tuner out without something like photon lead or double summon. So heres a card I thought of called

Vylon Attachment:
Equip only to a "Vylon" monster. During your Main Phase: You can equip 1 'Vylon" Union-Monster from your Deck to the monster equipped with this card. You can only use this effect of "Vylon Attachment" once per turn. The Monster Equipped with this card cannot be targeted by Spell cards. If this face-up card i sent from the field to the graveyard, you can add 1 "Vylon" Spell card from your deck to your hand.

Basically, it makes the not so great Pentachloro and Tesseract into easy Synchro Material. Summon a Vylon Tuner like Cube. Equip this card, pull pentachloro out of the deck. Then use pentachloros effect to SS himself. Bam, Level 4 and level 3, make Delta or Sigma. It would just be a really nice way to give them IN-Archetype summoning power, making less reliance on Photon thrasher or trident warrior.

12th April 2017, 01:36 AM
Anything that was pre pendulum era. Lightsworn was one of my picks but now they are getting an entire truckload of support so I guess it takes them off.

My top 10:

1. Dark World - I know they are getting a new trap but come on! Print that Dark World Corridor Konami!
2. Six Samurai - I used to love this deck although I hated them when Shien was released.
3. Gladiator Beast - I know this arctype is getting new support too but it should see more.
4. Kozmo - I just really want them to make a boss psychic monster that combines the Wizard of Oz and Emperor Palpatine.
5. Level Monsters - They got a little support but I really want to see more Horus support.
6. Jinzo - When Konami was into bringing back the old famous monsters like Blue-Eyes and such, I thought Jinzo would get some help but it never did. I think Jinzo is the perfect monster series to get support.
6. Virus - I know they are traps but how cool would it be to have an entire arctype of viruses that expanded on Tribe-Infecting Virus?
7. U.A. - I thought this deck was pretty good but if they got new support, maybe they would get some pretty foil cards for a change?
8. Bujin - Now that Honest is at 3, seeing some more Bujin support could be interesting.
9. Fire Fist - Fire Fist was so cool that I actually traded some rare cards for the Fire Fist playmat just to display it in my house.
10. Infernity - I know that a few of their cards are still on the ban list but maybe they could get new cards that are good but just not super good?