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30th September 2015, 08:57 PM
So, I was bored and wanted to see what Xyz monsters you could possibly summon if your hand contains Entermate Monkeyboard, Rank-Up Magic Astral Force and any high Scale. Monkeyboard will search for Pendulum Magician. When SSd: Destroys Scales and searches Skullcrobat. Skullcrobat is able to search out a shitton of cards. If Magician and Joker are used for Outer God Nyarla, it can discard up to 5 cards, increasing its Rank up to 9. And with the big variity of Entermages, Magicians and Odd-Eyes' Skullcrobat can search, Nyarla can copy discarded Attributes so Astral Force can rank it up into some many Xyzes. Here is the list:
Abyss Gaios
Frozen Lady Justice
Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger
72: Shogi Rock
99: Hope Dragoon
C107: Neo Tachyon
107: Tachyon
Galaxy Eyes Prime Photon
Neo Galaxy Eyes
Galaxy Eyes Full Armor
Galaxy Eyes Dark Matter
46: Dragluun
Hieratic Sun Dragon
Thunder End Dragon
C92: Chaos Heart Earth
92: Heart Earth
Odd-Eyes Rebellion
Red-Eyes Metal Flare
Cxyz Simon
Hierophrant of Prophecy
Illusion Magician
Full Armored Crystal Zero

And the more shit Yuya gets the bigger this list will be.... That's it.

1st October 2015, 01:22 AM
Cool idea, I was going to test something along those lines with performages number deck with Utopia Kaiser, I'll give this a shot as well