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12th April 2017, 02:01 AM
Since Arc-V ended and there is still a month to VRAINS, let's share our favorite duels and discuss what make a good anime duel. For me, I like to&fro between both sides, and not one-sided like yuma,nasch vs don k. Plot significance isn't really a factor for me as sometimes the winner is predetermined by plot, yet I also like some emotion in the battle which are difficult for one-offs.

DM: Yugi vs Atem, this one really is a legend among duels, probably the longest until Zarc came along. Yugi attempting to survive and conquer the Egyptian Gods and later as both summon classics to clash are my highlights, of course the intense emotions that went into the final silent burning stirs my heart also.

GX: Adrian vs Yubel, it was exciting to see Adrian shifting strategies to combat the sacred beasts and the final Yubel twist just add icing on the cake.

5DS: Yusei vs Jack (final round/post-TS), both wasted no time in bringing out the dragons this time and yet yusei use star excursion to twist the duel to a brawl between the non-dragon synchros and when the dragon came back, their evolved forms faced off with high & low keeping us at the edge of our seats then a impressive fist fight between SSD & Red Nova, then a nice finale using junk warrior.

ZEXAL: IV vs Nasch, Even though this one is a little one-sided but seeing IV trying so desperate to win and was so close stirs my emotions hard. The final attack by Nasch was also impressive.

ARC-V: Yuya vs Reiji (round 2, post maiami), I loved how Yuya went all out on this one, with both fusion pendulum dragons and OE rebellion dragon and the combos by Reiji. The twist of Reiji using Kali Yuga to defeat Yuya during his own attack was a big plus.

So these are my thoughts, feel free to discuss other duels below.

12th April 2017, 08:59 AM
DM: Yugi vs Kaiba. Utterly worth every moment from all six episodes, and the clash between the Egyptian Gods is something to behold.

GX: Yeah, Adrian and Yubel for me as well. Exodia vs Sacred Beasts, how could you not like it? Yugi vs Jaden is a close second.

5D's: I'm trying to decide between Yusei vs. Z-one and Team 5D's vs Team Ragnarok. GODS.

ZEXAL: Yuma and Kite vs Trey and Quattro. I really liked the interplay in this one, and the debut of Neo Galaxy-Eyes was just the icing on the cake.

ARC-V: Sora vs Shay. An utter gem in the franchise, Fusion vs Xyz, with Rank-Up coming back into play, and glorious animation and character moments.

14th April 2017, 04:58 AM
I think there was already a thread about this but ah what the heck...


1) Yugi vs Atem. Finale duel that featured the defeat of the 3 Egyptian God cards
2) Yugi vs Kaiba in the Battle City Semi-Finals is the second best

GX: (If Yugi vs Jaden was shown completely this would be a no brainer)

1) Zane vs Jaden Graduation Duel. Great back and forth between the two best at the time
2) Adrian vs Dark Jesse/Yubel. Armityle vs Exodia. Then Adrian switches up midway.
3) Jaden and Jesse vs Marcel and Yubel. The first appearance of Rainbow Dragon vs the 3 Sacred Beasts.


1) Team 5D's vs Team Ragnarok. Yusei managed to keep Majestic Star Dragon on the field for more than a turn. What a guy! Also the Aesir and Hallador was badass
2) Yusei vs Z-One. Great ambience to the whole thing


1) Nash vs Quattro. The 3 Gimmick Puppet Xyz bosses going against the undying Number C101: Silent Honor DARK in Nash's first duel after turning heel
2) Mizar vs Trey & Quinton. Great strategy by the two brothers to try to stop Number 107: Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon that fell short
3) Yuma vs Astral. The memory of Astral dropping 5 Utopias will always be in my head

ARC-V: (If only they hadn't left Sora vs Yuya Volcano duel undecided)

1) Reiji vs Yuya Round 2. D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga stomps on Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon
2) Sora vs Kurosaki. First Arc-V duel I watched and you could feel the hatred from both sides
3) Jack Atlas vs Sergey. Another great ambience duel with rainfall, the reluctance to use Action Cards by both in the end, the City in rebellion and Roger going bonkers
4) Rin vs Yugo. Weird choice for most but I just liked how none of Yugo's emotion reached Rin and she ultimately takes down Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon

J. D. Guy
23rd April 2017, 03:27 AM
4) Rin vs Yugo. Weird choice for most but I just liked how none of Yugo's emotion reached Rin and she ultimately takes down Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon

Rin VS Yugo also had the distinction of being a Duel were a character took a loss that wasn't "avenged" with a win against that character later.

We don't get that too often in this show. Especially not against someone who's not the arc villain (where the only one who "avenges" anyone is the protag).

Rin's strategy, which sadly cannot be replicated in real life, of looping into a second copy of her big Fusion Boss was also cool and largely unique for this series.

And just for the fact that another girl beat a boy in a one-on-one, fully showcased Duel, something that rarely happens in this series, mainly because there are so few female Duelists in the first place. There's no surprise on my end why it would be a favorite of anyone's. :)