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2nd October 2015, 01:47 AM
Chase Draws his line!

Heh..get it..Cause I make art?

...Damnit, remind me not to use that line ever again in the history of ever.
So, hi.
Yeah, I got absolutely nothing. I may as well just add an obligatory "Hello" post before I sulk in my art thread as usual..or play Fire Emblem Awakening as always...

So, the name's as clear on the box, and I'm sadly unable to make anymore jokes on that matter.
So, who am I?
Aside from being the reasonable idiot back on the original Org, I'm actually just a generic artist out there, with of course, I suppose, a thing I call emotion? I dunno, I stopped questioning it long ago.
Ever since the beginning, I kinda just stalked the Org, checking out the latest news, before finally joining back...whenever I joined. Since then..Well, absolutely nothing happened. I just added speech to my ensemble of things to do here on the internet.
Since then, I've been trying "hard" to be "noticed", whether it be through my use of words (Or rather, lack of words), and overall trying to show off my veteran-esque acts with the latest batches of Konami-filled cardboard goodies we challenge others with.
Speaking of Yu-Gi-Oh, I'm currently trying to redeem myself after a horrible incident known as the Dragon Rulers. Before I joined here as the slouch, I was destroying my opponents, left and right, with that hellfire of a deck where I live, to the point my club I hung out in was (which, to an extent, also joined in on local tournaments, in which I won a few...) simple playthings to me. After my conquest, I realized just how horrible the Metagame was, and after their (actually very timely) untimely death, I saw just how sour post-DRulers was. Hoping to make others feel good for themselves in life, I resided deep in my throne room, sulking on how to make my fellow "partners" thrilled to face off against me and not build some cheap ass Rank 4 Spam deck that will throttle me to my grave. After a long thought and my ultimate dismissal from the throne, I decided to be a standard Casual Duelist, hoping to win back the friendships I wrecked...by playing Circus animals and Odd-Eyed Pendulum/Xyz Destroyers of logic.

This is why I'm a Jack Atlas wannabe. I start from the bottom, end up at the top, and fall right back to the bottom after a long and life-changing five minutes.

So, aside from that boring tale, In short, I'm going to try my best at showing off how to play certain decks out there as best I could, and, like my thread I posted earlier, I'm also going to be posting art here as well, just as another way to have people check out what I'm capable of..and you know, not destroying a beloved card game again like a few years back...

so..yeah. That's about it.

Also, Video games, I'm into those, but I'm too lazy (and busy) to post them all, so I'll leave as is.

Uh...Yeah, that's really my hello to you guys and why I'm so butthurt about the metagame in a shellnut.
I posted an art thread too by the way, and it has the link to my DeviantArt account.
If you guys wanna request, ask me there or on the account, I'll be thrilled to make a doodle or two for you guys and post it here.

Hope in the Interstice
2nd October 2015, 02:54 AM
I think that tale was actually pretty engaging. I mean, I sure as hell enjoyed it, much like I enjoy your art.

I hope to see more about decks from you. It seems like you have a good head on your shoulders.

2nd October 2015, 03:03 AM
Uh, thanks? I tried to be as simple as possible, since, well, Dragon Rulers aren't.

As for Decklists, I posted an Odd-Eyes Rebellion Decklist I made, feel free to check that out, and for the decks I'm going to review, I may want to start off on that tangent back on the original YGOrg with Fluffals. I said a decent review back when Chimera was released in VJMP, so I may as well continue that already decent post and make it something worth taking some notes over. If not that, then maybe either Junk Doppel or Speedroids.