View Full Version : FAQ: Read this before posting a suggestion

2nd August 2015, 01:29 PM
Upon reading through the topics on the various forums, I noticed several reoccurring topics. This is a guide of already covered questions. If you see one here, do NOT post it again.

Q: Can I be a moderator/admin?
A: NO. Do not ever ask to be a moderator/admin. Unless some moderator/admin position is announced as being available, there will NEVER be new additions stemming from blind requests. Sorry.

Q: Can I have a custom user title?
A: NO. Custom user titles may be handed out as some sort of special promotion or for certain accomplishments. However, a custom title will never be handed out due to a blind request.

Q: Why can’t the avatars have a larger file-size?
A: The server has certain bandwidth limits which they can not exceed. Having a superfluous amount of animated avatars would drain said bandwidth passed its capacity. In addition, users running 56K dialup still exist, and it would be far too difficult for them to load pages.

Q: So, can we have larger avatars with the same file-size?
A: While this is more of a possibility, you have to take the forum’s appearance in to consideration. Eventually the size may increase, but for right now the current number keeps the forum looking tidy.

Q: Why can’t we have signature images?
A: Two key reasons. One is bandwidth (mentioned two questions up) and the other is abuse. This option was originally enabled until a couple users felt the need to post either ridiculously large images, or inappropriate images. It wasn’t just one or two either, it was a large group. When so many people have a sig-image, half the forum becomes nothing but rectangular imagery.

This FAQ is updated periodically. PM me with any additions or corrections (including the spelling/grammar type).