View Full Version : Some ruling questions regarding Future Visions

3rd October 2015, 11:20 PM
According to the wiki, "The controller of the monster(s) removed [sic] by “Future Visions” decides when during their Standby Phase they will activate the effect to return the monster(s) to the field." Does that mean that if Future Visions banishes your D.D. Telepon, on your next Standby Phase, could you activate and resolve the second effect of D.D. Telepon before activating the second effect of Future Visions, or chain the second effect of D.D. Telepon to the second effect of Future Visions, and Special Summon the monster banished by D.D. Telepon?

Also, for monster effects that state "When this card is Normal Summoned", if they are Normal Summoned while Future Visions is on the field, which effect resolves first?

Dread Kaiser
4th October 2015, 04:20 PM
1, Sounds like it to me, but you would not CHAIN the future visions return summon
Whenever multiple things go off in the standby phase, unless one of the effects specify "the start of the standpby phase" you can choose what order they happen in. they don't chain to eachother so you activate and resolve them in whatever sequence you want

so, summon telepon, banish monster
next standby phase, you can summon the telepon banished monster, then Telepon itself

2, Future Visions triggers first, so On summon effect is CL2, thus resolving first

would have gotten to this sooner but a certian asshole storm knocked mah power out as I was typing...