View Full Version : Team Drinking!!! Code of the Duelist!!! Whiskey!!! Get Drunk!!

16th September 2017, 07:01 PM
Sup folks?! I got my team together at my house to do a fun drinking game I came up with. So I got a bottle of Fireball, Canadian Hunter, and R&R, and I got 2 boxes of Code of the Duelist. That is 48 packs. 48 divided by 3 is 16. So each one of us gets 16 packs, and each time one of us pulls either an ultra or secret rare card, that person takes a shot. This is probably the funnest video I have ever made and we get really good pulls too! Let me know what you think of our video idea, and this game I came up with because my teammates are excited to do this again! Please enjoy!!


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