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27th August 2018, 12:10 PM
i present to you my 60 card garbage deck that going first, can hand loop your opponent for 4 cards with snow in grave .i am aware that this deck has spell/trap removal problems and this post is not here to fix the main deck.i wold like help with the extra deck i.e. making a second extra deck in the side (15 extra deck monsters in the side deck).the focus of the deck is to mill until sufficient resources for 3 omegas and 1 lswarm ouroboros.i would like to find some cards to put in the extra deck game 2 and 3 to grinding not just handloop. thank you in advance. :)


27th August 2018, 12:26 PM
Brilliant engine, maybe? 60 card mashups (and 40, too) tend to run it with good success, especially if you play Saryuja to draw into Brilliant Fusion and shuffle the Garnet back into the deck. I don't really understand how your deck works, but at first glance I'd suggest you cut Black Feather and Stardust Warrior to make room for them (even if I think you run those to go into N'tss). A small Knightmare engine (Mermaid+Iblee) or Sky Striker engine (Hornet Drones+Kagari+Shizuku, possibly with Engage if you play online and don't care about card prices) would benefit the deck.
Other than that, I don't really know what to say. Deck's quite strange and there are a lot of unusual choices in the main deck for me to fully understand what it needs in order to run better.

As for going second side, I don't really think that Extra Deck cards are the way to go. There are no extra deck techs that help you break boards or interrupt opponent's combos. Adapting the Main Deck (with generic hand traps, for example) would be a better idea. You could also use the "smokescreen" tactic to turn your deck into a regular Dino/Zombie/Swown deck, or Infernoid/Sworn. Problem is, they are similar decks with similar strategy (mill stuff and go wombo combo), so your opponent's side will most likely work against the "second" deck as much as it does against the first, making the whole smokescreen thing kinda useless.

27th August 2018, 02:45 PM
the deck revolves around monsters that are good in the GY and when milled, so if i say brilliant fusion would be a brick i mean it. as for changing the main deck, i wold just make a 60 card engine deck so not to mess with the mill and go off aspect of the deck. thank you for the suggestion, but all i wanted to know was if a complete extra deck change happens , can it change the playstyle of the deck (hand loop combo -> grind)

27th August 2018, 05:11 PM
I find your deck to be more of an "explosive plays" kind, I don't really think you can change it to a grind type, especially if you only want to swap extra deck cards.

29th August 2018, 07:40 PM
the side that i have come up wiht is - burn and stall:
stall 4: powerd inzektron,stardust spark dragon,number 41 bagooska the terribly tired tapir,Number 101: Silent Honor ARK
burn 4:scarlight red dragon archfiend,dark strike fighter,gagaga cowboy x2

this side deck will only be put to use in serius events ,when we are close to time.i know this is a scum way to play but we have to take advantage of the system if it is not in our best intention as players.