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11th October 2015, 05:27 PM

Hello guys, I have made a Variation of Raidraptors using the level 3, I think we should start off with this list. I'm going to explain why each card is in there thoroughly and why I have in this list. Please give me suggestions if this build seems a bit flaw

Goblindbergh(Level 4, EARTH, Warrior/Effect, 1400 ATK / 0 DEF)
I can't always rely on Vanishing or Tribute Lanius surprisingly. Goblindbergh is a card that's searchable as well and I saw him to fit the theme in a way, the reason I'm obviously choose him over... Tin Goldfish.

Raidraptor - Fuzzy Lanius(Level 4, DARK, Winged Beast/Effect, 500 / 1500)
This card is actually a life saver. This card can special summon and search itself in the same turn so I can do it again? I've always had some sort of respect for the card. I usually use this card for a first turn 2 Strix or if I want to make a Rise or Blaze Falcon. Making Blaze Falcon is a really nice, searchable combo. Special summon Vanishing Lanius, Special summon Fuzzy using its effect. Use Nest to search Mimicry and special summon it using Vanishing Lanius. Mimicry Lanius can use its effect to make them all level 5! This card may limit you to only Raidraptors but it gives you many good options to choose from!

Raidraptor - Mimicry Lanius (Level 4, DARK, Winged Beast/Effect, 1100 / 1900
Mimicry Lanius is such a great searcher for the deck because you can dump it using Raidraptor - Tribute Lanius, another card we'll talk about later on. Mimicry Lanius could be used to banish itself and search any Raidraptor card in the deck, so the best thing to do is to search Readiness or Nest. Readiness can protect your monsters and Nest can recycle your monsters, Mimicry Lanius is indeed pretty great and RR is missing something without it.

Raidraptor - Sharp Lanius (Level 4, DARK, Winged Beast/Effect, 1700/1000)
This is another great card in Raidraptors that's a must have. If you're in a bad spot you can use this card to special summon a Raidraptor in a graveyard AFTER you took out an opponent's monster. Sharp Lanius is the card I search earlier in the game so I can have use for it earlier in the game than worrying about getting it LATER in the game. Especially with Nest, it could even be... Slightly broken.

Singing Lanius (Level 4, DARK, Winged Beast/Effect 100 / 100)
This is a simple card that goes well with Fuzzy Lanius. If you control a Strix and you have both Fuzzy and Singing Lanius in your hand, you can just special summon both and go for a 2nd Strix. After that detatch 1 from the 1st Strix and Fuzzy Lanius from the 2nd Strix and you can search Vanishing and Mimicry. After that Fuzzy's effect activates and you can add it to the hand and you're all set up for your Blaze Falcon play next turn.

Raidraptor - Skull Eagle (Level 3, DARK, Winged Beast/Effect, 1000 / 500)
This card may suck in people's eyes, but it's helped me more than once. This card helps recycle ANY Raidraptor card in the graveyard, so you can add back Readiness or Nest to the hand if your monster needs one more turn so you can burn your opponent to death using Devil Eagle! It's a card that isn't supported enough but you need to trust me when I say it has a good effect, but it's just not support enough and we need cards that have synergy with it. This is where Wild Vulture will come in later in the discussion.

Raidraptor - Tribute Lanius (Level 4, DARK, Winged Beast/Effect, 1800 / 400)
This card is one of the ULTIMATE searchers of the deck. If you were to open a Vanishing + Tribute Lanius combo it's a +4 or +3 depending on the turn. You can use Vanishing to special summon Tribute Lanius and dump Mimicry Lanius from the deck using Tribute's effect. You can use Mimicry to then Search Nest and use Nest to search Fuzzy Lanius. If it's your 2nd turn, then you can destroy a monster your opponent controls. On M2 you can use the eff to search Revolution Force or Raptor's Force. Make Strix, search Singing using Strix, special summon Fuzzy and Singing. Xyz summon and search by detatching Fuzzy Lanius, that's your +3 or +4 there.

Raidraptor - Vanishing Lanius (Level 4, DARK, Winged Beast/Effect, 1300 / 1600)
Here's the main guy, Vanishing Lanius! He's great for Xyz plays such as Rise Falcon, Blaze, Strix, etc. There's not much to talk about him since he does just as much as Goblind. Although, Vanishing Lanius is a MUST HAVE AT 3. Keep that in mind.

Raidraptor - Wild Vulture (Level 6, DARK, Winged Beast/Effect 1600 / 2000)
This card is pretty good for the Rank 3 engine even though it doesn't look like it. Wild Vulture is great to tribute summon using your Strix since it becomes a waste of space early on. You could also use Tribute Lanius's effect to dump a level 3 and use Nest to search Wild Vulture / Skull Eagle and wait for next turn to let the combo take effect. This card doesn't such a lot actually, it's been so helpful being a searchable way to make Devil Eagle and doesn't let me rely on Inferno Reckless Summon.

Inferno Reckless Summon (Quick-Play Spell)
This card is in here because it actually works in Raidraptors itself. If I special summon Fuzzy Lanius imagine me using this card to summon all of them and overlay for my shenanigans! But originally this card is used for the sake of Skull Eagle. Goblind + Skull Eagle + Inferno or Vanishing + Skull Eagle + Inferno, none of these hard the only thing is that you need to draw into Inferno Reckless Summon to do such a play

Raidraptor - Nest (Continuous Spell)
It's kind of obvious why this card is in here, Nest can recycle my cards from the graveyard or it can search my pieces for the big Devil Eagle play! If you have no Skull Eagles yet then search Wild Vulture first using Nest so you have a higher chance of being able to do the Devil Eagle play next turn. This is the key to make RR future Tier 0!

Raigeki (Normal Spell)
For sacking your opponent.

Rank-Up-Magic Raid Force (Normal Spell)
This card is a great recycling card for recycling the other Rank-Ups you use. I use this card mainly for the purpose of my amazing Devil Eagle to Revolution Falcon combo! It requires a Devil Eagle on combo, this card, and Revolution Force in hand. Use Revolution Force on Devil Eagle to make Strix/Rise, use Strix/Rise to make Blaze by using Raid Force. But wait you don't have a RUM? Use Raid Force's recycle eff to get back Revolution Force and Revolution Falcon!

Rank-Up-Magic Raptor's Force (Quick-Play Spell)
Raptor's Force is pretty helpful in terms of reviving my monster to make something stronger, I just use it just in case I'm about to be OTKed and I need to special summon blaze while I have that face down Readiness! I'm not the type that likes to waste Readiness so early in the game. It's also another search target for Tribute Lanius.

Rank-Up-Magic Revolution Force (Quick-Play Spell)
Sorry to say this Mofiz, but almost every deck runs Xyz cards such as Castel. This card is perfect to use on your opponent's Rank 4 card to rank it up into Blaze Falcon, but this card is also used for the Raid Force, Revolution Force + Devil Eagle Revolution Chain! This card is also a searchable target for Tribute Lanius.

Reinforcement of the Army (Normal Spell)
This card is used for searching Goblindbergh (not much to say about it).

Breakthrough Skill (Normal Trap)
This card is used for negating my opponent's Exciton Knight so they don't wipe my field like a cheapskate (looks at my Exciton in the extra deck) I also run this instead of 3 fiendish is because its graveyard eff is useful against things like Infinity. That's all about it for this card, it's a great negator so I have more insurance for my protection.

Fiendish Chain (Continuous Trap)
It's breakthrough skill but doesn't let your opponent attack and it doesn't have that grave eff. I use this card because I personally think it's SLIGHTLY better than breakthrough skill by not letting my opponent attack and do various plays. Fiendish Chain also negates my opponent's cheap Exciton Knight (looks at my Exciton Knight).

Icarus Attack (Normal Trap)
I hate being locked down by my opponent's Skill Drain and other flood gates, this is the only reason I run this card so I can have something to rely on and not wait all game trying to think of a play. Not to mention this card is great for removing back row I don't want to encounter, I took out a solemn and bottomless once!

Raidraptor - Readiness (Normal Trap)
This card doesn't need to be explained, it saves my monsters from being destroyed by battle and I can banish it so I can take no damage for the whole turn... It's kind of broke, might as well call it "Raidraptor - Waboku", oh wait people already do.

Raidraptor's Gust (Counter Trap)
This card negates S/T if I control Raidraptor monsters so it'll be great for negating my opponent's Raigeki and Soul Charge or other things that can destroy my control on the field.

The Extra deck doesn't need much explaining, it's the main deck's plays that GOES into the extra deck and you don't need strategy to pick cards in your extra deck

Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer(Rank 4, WIND, Winged Beast/Effect, 2000/1500)
2 level 4 monsters
This card can bounce stuff like Beelze, it can be a tribute for Icarus attack so it isn't a complete waste after use all of its materials.

Evilswarm Exciton Knight (Rank 4, LIGHT, Fiend/Effect, 1900/0)
2 level 4 monsters
This card can nuke a field, it's a black rose dragon that can be reused for Xyz. It gets people out of bad situations and this card isn't banned yet. H o w

Ice Beast Zerofyne (Rank 4, WATER, Winged Beast/Effect, 2000/2200)
2 level 4 Winged Beast-Type Monsters.
Negates all your opponent's face-ups and gains attack equal to all the face-up cards on the field except itself. It can slap your opponent's locks silly and then you can whoop'em. This card can be used as a tribute for Icarus Attack if it's just sitting there not doing much. An out to Towers if you're lucky.

Number 39: Utopia (Rank 4, LIGHT, Warrior/Effect, 2500/2000)
2 level 4
Fodder for S39 and can negate attacks.

Number S39: Utopia the Lightning (Rank 5, LIGHT, Warrior/Effect, 2500/2000)
You can XYZ summon this card by overlaying it over Number 39. I barely use this card, I only use it for the stuff like Cyber Dragon Infinity and Towers, and yes, this deck is even prepared for the meta....

Number 52: Diamond Crab King (Rank 4, EARTH, Rock/Effect, 0/3000
2 level 4 monsters
Another out to Towers and a great defense that can protect you for a while. It's a good beater and a great defender against your opponent! Diamond Crab King overrides Towers by its effect so it just becomes 3000 and you can crash.

Raidraptor - Blaze Falcon (Rank 5, DARK, Winged Beast/Effect, 1000/2000)
3 level 5 Winged Beast-Type Monsters
This card is really good for taking out your opponent's cards and inflicting some significant amount of damage. It's one of the great boss monsters of Raidraptors that you're going to make often, this card isn't really that ordinary and it's really against all monsters. It's good for monster removal as well.

Raidraptor - Devil Eagle (Rank 3, DARK, Winged Beast/Effect, 1000/0[/B]
2 level 3 "Raidraptor" monsters
I NEED to run this card if I'm running the rank 3 engine. It's great for burning my opponent so they can burn for SSing that Shaddoll construct. It helps Skull Eagle get detatched so I can recycle something from the graveyard. It's really nice to stall with and burn your opponent for victory! It's involved in the combo for the Revolution Chain!

Raidraptor - Force Strix (Rank 4, DARK, Winged Beast/Effect, 100/2000[/B]
2 level 4 monsters (It's a generic!)
This card could be a good beater and is a great searcher for the LEVEL 4 RAIDRAPTORS. It can't search the level 3s, although I wish it could and it'd be way quicker to special summon Devil Eagle. There's not much to say about this card, it's THE KEY for Raidraptors to be able to do something.

Raidraptor - Rise Falcon (Rank 4, DARK, Winged Beast/Effect, 100/2000[/B]
3 level 4 Winged Beast-Type monsters
Great card for wiping out all my opponent's special summoned monsters and gaining a huge amount of attack for detatching 1 material. It's the main reason Raidraptors even exist, Konami made a great choice choosing to bring Raidraptors this far!

Raidraptor - Revolution Falcon (Rank 6, DARK, Winged Beast, Effect, 2000/3000[/B]
3 level 6 Winged Beast-Type Monsters
This is the almighty god of the Raidraptors! The boss monster that wins games! Revolution Falcon deals HUGE amounts of damage to your opponent and can wipe out your opponent's monsters in seconds. With protection this card is nearly unstoppable.

Hope this was very informative and I hope you guys can share with me some suggestions.