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12th October 2015, 07:01 PM
Hey guys. I'm kind of new to the forum, as I started posting just today, but I was actually a semi-regular back on the good old organization. Actually, I started posting on the organization in search of guys and girls who share my interest in this record-breaking game. I am an American, but I currently live in the middle east, the United Arab Emirates to be more specific, due to family reasons. Man, I miss the good old days in Seattle, when I used to duel with my classmates (and lose 80% of the time). We had the best times, dueling, trading cards behind the gym, sneaking them past the teacher's lounge. Yeah, I was kind of a delinquent!! (:p) A couple of times, my parents and some classmates didn't agree with my hobby, but it never got extreme to the point of bullying and such; where I was, it was to all his own, provided you didn't make a huge fuss about it. Heck, I knew a guy who liked Male Strippers, and he turned out okay. Now, I'm in a place where it's difficult to find people who share the same interests, or even to get cards (I import from amazon, like, three times a year, on a so-so budget :( ). Well, that changed after the announcement, that Yugioh would start selling here, and there would be yearly tournaments, but still, I can't wait a year...

I play sometimes on DN and YGOPRO, so it's not like I'm out of the game. Well enough about that.

As a formal introduction: Hi guys, I'm cypher32, and I'm proud to be a member of the forum. My hobbies include reading swimming, and of course, dueling. In my spare time, I also write fanfics, and my favorite fanfic is my GX fanfic, which takes place a couple of years after the events of GX, and is meant to be a true conclusion to the story, which is apparently so stupid, that I have a lot of followers reading it out of pity :confused:. If you were unsatisfied with the GX conclusion, feel free to take a peak:
Though don't expect much...

Anyways, looking forward to getting to know all of you, and make some friends. Until then, chow!:cool: