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14th October 2015, 03:54 AM
I suddenly wanted to build an Insect-Type deck just for the fun of it and this is what I have so far


Doom Dozer/Aztekipede was meant to be the mid-game backup but it then turned out to be better and more consistent to build around than my original plan (which was Primitive B. + Inferno Reckless, which then THAT went to become the backup plan if I don't open with Inferno Reckless Summon) the rest I think is self-explanatory. Thoughts? I'm also looking into what I can replace for Monster Reincarnation because it hasn't been working out.

Crow the BOOLET
14th October 2015, 05:47 AM
I love the idea. Really creative.

Some things that are bugging me is Hi-Speedroid Chanbara. Its a nice idea since it keeps attacking while boosting at the same time but it kind of seems like a bit of an odd choice to me when Armades is around. I dunno why but for some reason I feel like Chanbara won't stay on the field for long to enjoy boosting its attack all the time. But hey the second attack is nice.

Also why Kumongous? I can't tell what that Trap is but it isn't Remove Brainwashing so it seems like an odd choice other than field removal and having a target in grave. You might as well use Uru if that's the case. lol

As for something to replace Monster Reincarnation try some generics like Raigeki or MST. Mind Crush might be a helpful addition too but I guess MST can really help more since Vanity's and a lesser extent Macros are a thing. Otherwise again its a really nice, creative build. You don't have to take my suggestions to heart or anything but it looks mostly consistent for the most part.

14th October 2015, 04:39 PM
I juggle between Armades and Chanbara a lot so I have no problem with switching one for the other.

I honestly did not think about Uru when making the deck, now that you mention it I'll test it and see if it gives better results, but Kumongous in itself has been a great help and I can easily go over it. But I'll try out Uru.

And yeah I'll switch Monster Reincarnation for something more generic since I just had it to bring back Doom Dozer/Aztekipede to the hand but the card is not effective but I couldn't think of something better at the moment. Thanks for the suggestions!