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15th October 2015, 11:00 PM
Didn't plan on posting any Ghostrick decks this Halloween since I assumed other people would be doing that, but then I saw one of Dreads comments about how Ghostricks and Satellars would be crazy (paraphrasing a little) so I thought I'll try it out. And here it is: Monster Mash (https://xeroplazm.tinytake.com/sf/MzQxNTk2XzE5ODcxOTA)

The basics of the deck is that you use the Ghostricks to defend from opponent monster attacks and search out more using Doll and Jiangshi, then while that is happening, do the standard Satellar plays of going spamming Deneb to search out Altair and Vega.

The surprising synergy that these archetypes have together is that Doll works really well with the Satellars. Doll allows you to flip all monsters face-down on the turn she's flipped up so this can make your Satellars flip down so you can then flip them face up and get their effects again.
The other combo I've found is using Triverr to return all the level 1 Ghostricks I have out back to the hand so I can use their effects again. As well as the standard Triverr return Triverr combo.

The main problem I've run into while using this deck is that if I'm playing against a defensive deck, then it's likely that my Ghostricks will take up most of my field, leaving me with no room to make any Satellar plays, leading me to be much more careful when it comes to using the Ghostricks to defend myself.

Dread Kaiser
15th October 2015, 11:14 PM
I see satellars
I see Ghostricks
I see......no counter trap or nukeroach?

I like you

15th October 2015, 11:16 PM
The counter trap and nukeroach are for people that can't rely on a decent strategy to win and so rely on cheap tricks.

Dread Kaiser
15th October 2015, 11:22 PM
The counter trap and nukeroach are for people that can't rely on a decent strategy to win and so rely on cheap tricks.

I REALLY Like you

on your problem, how often do you run into defensive decks? bad matchups are a thing, can't always cover everything in main deck

thats what a Side deck is for

15th October 2015, 11:28 PM
To be honest I haven't played against a human using defensive decks but I've played against the a.i who were using defensive decks so I could see what the match-ups were like.
I would put cards in my side deck but I usually only play single games instead of matches, that way it's over quicker.

Dread Kaiser
16th October 2015, 12:29 AM
Well if you get stuck with a shitload of lv 1s because of it, might I recommend Crime&Punishment or Lion heart?

16th October 2015, 09:33 AM
When I saw that name, I thought
Ghostrick/Satellar, which then lead to me thinking "OMG?". And its for real this time. @.@
The best way in my opinion is 9 Ghostrick engine, itll conserve more space, Involves 3 Jiangshi, 3 Specter, 3 Mary. if its working it that way. Then thats nice.
Thoughs about BLS?

16th October 2015, 10:25 AM
The only problem I have with Crime&Punishment is that you need both of them out for the cards to be good and with this deck, I rarely have 4 level 1's out to be able to make them.

BLS would be a nice addition to the deck, the only problem being that I don't really want to banish the Satellars as they combo well having a Satellar in the grave. The deck does work well as it is but ?I can try changing stuff around to see if I can make the deck faster.