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17th October 2015, 07:59 PM
Don't worry, my grammar is better than the title suggests.

Hallo all! I'm a lurker as of about 2 days ago and am making this account so I can post in the Create-a-Card thread. And other places, of course.

As for my Yugioh decks, I have way too many. IRL I have Lightsworns, Cyber Dragons, FIRE.dek, WATER.dek, Genex, Gravekeepers', Stall Burn, a rather ghetto Rock Stun/Stall, and almost-complete Batteryman OTK (just needs Industrial Strength, Mahunder, Luminous Spark and a few filler cards). Online, I have too many to keep track of. I mostly use Dueling Network, if only because I feel it's a bit more intuitive. Plus beating people with weird decks like Black Garden Flipzombies gives me the salt I need to sustain myself.

For my created cards, I'm always open to criticism, as long as its not the "wow u suck lol gtfo this forum" style of criticism.

Finally, I know Spanish pretty well, and bits and pieces of many other languages (mostly curse words). I wish a nice day on anyone who took the time to read this.

Hope in the Interstice
18th October 2015, 12:03 AM
Glad to have you here, mate, although I wouldn't be too happy to face you on Duelling Network.

18th October 2015, 05:33 PM
Thanks muchly. Glad to be here. :)

Besides, not all of my decks are that dickish. If you (or anyone else, for that matter) wanted a game that wasn't really slow and grindy, I'd be happy to switch to something like Fabled or Burgesstoma.

Hope in the Interstice
18th October 2015, 10:41 PM
Speaking of Burgesstoma, what are your thoughts on Card of Demise?

19th October 2015, 03:43 AM
Ehh. It might be a good topdeck to help you live a few more turns, but otherwise it's not super good. Though in Burgesstomas, it looks like a nice thing to draw when you're still setting up.

8th November 2015, 02:57 AM
Hello yello.
Ah, another Duelist that has a many Decks to use. IRL, I own a custom Deck I'm currently working on, Lightsworns, Performapal/Odd-Eyes/Magician, Jack.Dek, DopellJunk.dek, Yugo.dek, and just way too many to continue forward. Let's just say I can use just about any and every deck, and I own nearly everyone's deck in ARC-V, save for a few obvious ones here and there. Anything else is powerful and like my style, like PSY-Frames and Igknights.

As for creativity, I'm normally found on the art gallery here, and I posted a thread here if you want to see my things, and I'm looking forward to seeing your cards my good sir.