View Full Version : Yesterday, a kid's amusement. Today, an adult's nightmare (Performapal/Speedoid/HERO)

30th October 2015, 07:51 PM
I wanted to make a Pendulum deck that could have Synchros as one of its main strategies. Now I have a deck that I can't play because half of the people I duel online quit at the moment Skullcrobat hits the field, but I'm really proud of this deck nonetheless.


Performapals have the most consistent way to set scales with Skullcrobat as the main searcher and Monkeyboard. Pendulum Sorcerer (along Luster Pendulum) also helps with the searches, filling my Extra Deck and boost the attack of my Performapals. Guiturtle and Lizardraw bring draw power to the mix, but Guiturtle is less useful beacuse it's not pendulum summonable. Silver Claw is a good beater and Partnaga can make any monster a +4000 atk powerhouse in the right conditions.

Speedroids open both synchro and xyz plays. Terrortop special summons itself and searches Taketomborg or the tuners. Taketomborg's effect to summon the tuners is relly helpful, but I mostly use it for rank 3 plays. Tri-Eyed Dice and Red-Eyed Dice are both great tuners, with Tree-Eyed Dice having a battle ender effect on top of that. Speed Rebirth is their own Monster Reborn that makes up with the low number of tuners.

The HERO engine, altough small, is really good. Shadow Mist to Dark Law is a strong first turn play, something synchros lack. Dark Law also makes my opponent invest and lose resources to deal with him, giving me the upper hand in long duels; Mist also searches Plasma, the MVP of the deck, that alone has won me so many duels. Plasma is a walking Skill Drain for your opponent that steals monsters and can deal with Towers, Quasar, Number 81 and more.

Luster Pendulum open so many plays along with Pendulum Sorcerer and the Dracoslayer Extra deck monsters. Eccentrick Archfiend is a great removal. Dragodies helps me to get to Skullcrobat if I didn't draw him. They all have good scales.

Wavering Eyes helps filling the Extra Deck, burn my opponent, search and removal in some cases. Double Cyclone helps me win the Wavering Eyes challenge that is the Pendulum mirror match and remove Monkeyboard from the Pendulum Zone when he becomes useless there. Twin Twister for backrow hate, but only one because I don't like its discarding cost. ROTA has 3 targets.

Now in the Extra Deck I have 1 Majester Paladin, for searches, 1 Dinoster Powerful, for protection, and 2 Ignister, the best of the 3, for removal. Trishula can be easily summonend, Arcanite Magician can pop 2 cards and cannot be bottomless'd and Horus steals a monster AND negate the effect of other. Mist Wurm, Clear Wing, Kendama and Chanbara because of Taketomborg effect's restriction of summoning only WIND monsters for the rest of the turn. Castel for more removal, Leviar for recycling banished Speedroids and Totem Bird for protection.

I'm working on my side deck, so don't pay too much attention to it.

If you have any recomendation, feel free to post it.

Dread Kaiser
30th October 2015, 08:03 PM
You know, I clicked on this expecting to see the same usual Junk

Not only was I pleased to see otherwise, That made me laugh

30th October 2015, 10:15 PM
Saw this and enjoyed it. Saw all three dracoslayers and held back my excitement.


Dyson Sphere
30th October 2015, 10:43 PM
nice job, youve actually made a deck that interests me

31st October 2015, 12:08 AM
It's nice to see that you guys liked my deck and that little bit of humour that I added (did you catch the "easter egg"?). Maybe I'll post any other deck I have.

Saw this and enjoyed it. Saw all three dracoslayers and held back my excitement.

The dracoslayers aren't a vital part of the deck, so you could easily take them out and replace them with Armageddon Knight, Archfiend Heiress and Zephyros the Elite. Ignister is just too good to take him out, but you can run another synchro or Rank 4 instead of the fusion and the xyz. But I must say, you don't use them that often. I only summon them to make even more salty my opponent when he starts being a d*ck about pendulums or he's using a better deck that mine, and its even better when I get Dark Law in the board too.

That's what I like about this deck, it has options. I can be a total d*ck and summon Dark Law, Plasma and/or Horus or have a fair duel using the rest of my monsters.

4th November 2015, 07:12 AM
i came here because


4th November 2015, 08:19 AM
At least this deck don't ressemble all the Performages & Pals deck seen in the OCG.

This is the creativity that need to be push more often by Konami.

4th November 2015, 02:37 PM
The arrogance in this thread is astounding.

Interesting strategy there. How about taking that for a spin against some people at a YCS?