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2nd December 2015, 01:50 PM
Everyone already knows Yuya's signature card: Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. But we all know that it was originally just Odd-Eyes Dragon.


Most people who either run an Odd-Eyes card or play an Odd-Eyes deck usually run Odd-Eyes Pendulum instead of the regular Odd-Eyes. If we look at their Monster Effects, it is clear that the regular Odd-Eyes is better at dealing damage when battling strong monsters, while Odd-Eyes Pendulum deals more damage against weak monsters. If the opponent's monster has 1675+ ATK (1675 is half of 3350 if you're wondering why I use that weird number), Odd-Eyes Dragon will deal more damage than Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. But if that monster has 1650 ATK (you won't see any monster whose ATK are between 1650 and 1675), Odd-Eyes Pendulum will deal more damage. And that is if we don't consider any buffs on the dragons.

But what makes Odd-Eyes Pendulum better than Odd-Eyes? Both are easily searchable by the same cards, with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon having few more cards that can search it, e.g. Fusion Conscription, Fusion Reverse or Wavering Eyes. But the most deciding factor is that Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is a Pendulum Monster. Yes, both cards can be Pendulum Summoned with the same pair of Pendulum Cards in the Pendulum Zones, but the fact that Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon can be summoned again and again from the Extra Deck is much more favorable than having Odd-Eyes Dragon being trapped in the graveyard. There are ways to revive it, but Pendulum Summon your resource from your Extra Deck back is much easier and doesn't need extra cards. Furthermore, Odd-Eyes Pendulum is a searcher itself; it can search your own key cards, which is another plus point. Even though its anime counterpart is not as good as the real life version, the fact it's a Pendulum Card makes it much easier for the writers to bring it back and they don't need BS cards to protect it.

And if we keep in mind that they gain benefits from Performapal buffs, the damage output for Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon would exceed the damage output of Odd-Eyes Dragon where the original dragon had originally the edge over.
For example:
OEPD: 2500 vs 1700 -> 1600 damage
OED: 2500 vs 1700 -> 1650 damage

After +500 buff:
OEPD: 3000 vs 1700 -> 2600 damage
OED: 3000 vs 1700 -> 2150 damage

The closer the gap between the ATK of Odd-Eyes Dragon and the attacked monster, the more damage it can deal; in Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon's case, it's reversed. The higher the gap, the more damage it can deal. The main idea of buffing your beatstick is to widen the gap even further. Odd-Eyes Dragon's effect is not very effective and it's a nerfed version of Flame Wingman's effect. Furthermore, since Odd-Eyes Dragon's effect involve the opponent's monster's original ATK, its effect is basically useless if the original ATK is very low or even 0 to begin with.

However, Chaos Dragon decks, e.g. Chaos Heraldics, who like the idea of playing with Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon often use Odd-Eyes Dragon instead of Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. Odd-Eyes Dragon's purpose is being graveyard fodder, and the graveyard is the main resource of Chaos decks, there is no good purpose for Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, who is rather hard to summon without the Pendulum Scales. Since Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon can be easily Special Summoned from the hand by tributing 1 LIGHT monster on your field and sending an Odd-Eyes Dragon from the hand, field or deck, you get an instant Chaos set-up. On the other hand, outside of Chaos Decks, Odd-Eyes Saber does not need Odd-Eyes and it can be as easily Pendulum Summoned from the hand as the regular Odd-Eyes itself.


If we look at the other evolutions, both Odd-Eyes Dragon and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon can be used as materials for Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon, Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon, Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon, Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon and Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. While theoretically, Odd-Eyes Dragon can be used for the Ritual Summon of Odd-Eyes Gravity Dragon, you have to use Earth Chant instead of Odd-Eyes Advent, since the latter can only use Pendulum Monsters as Ritual fodder. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon can be used for all evolutions except Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon, unless you tribute it to Tribute Summon Odd-Eyes Saber, but who does that? If used as a Fusion Material, Synchro Material or Ritual cost, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon can always be Pendulum Summoned afterwards, while Odd-Eyes Dragon usually stays dead. As an Xyz Material for Odd-Eyes Absolute, none of the two dragons are lost, since Odd-Eyes Absolute can revive them after detaching them. And if you use them as Xyz Materials for Odd-Eyes Rebellion, you usually do it when you are about to win or when you are very desperate.

But there can be certain other situations where either of them are better at dealing damage. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon doubles Battle Damage, while Odd-Eyes Dragon's effect deals burn damage. There can be situations where burn damage can be negated or even absorbed, but there can be situations where you benefit more from burn damage rather than battle damage. And if the Battle Damage could be negated, at least you can deal burn damage.

I think I (nearly) completely answered why Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is better than Odd-Eyes Dragon. But we can also ask the dragon whether Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is better than Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon or not. The nature of their Monster Effects are very different, since Odd-Eyes Saber's effect doesn't deal damage, but destroys monsters. But since Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon can simply stay dead, it would win in Pendulum decks. But in Chaos Dragon decks, it might be just a waste of space.

2nd December 2015, 06:44 PM
honestly, it feels like odd-eyes saber would only be useful in chaos dragon in the sense that it gives you a guaranteed dump. the card might have been better in days gone by when running things over by battle was more prevalent and popping the opponent's cards didn't have a chance to backfire on you

you also seem to be creating this idea that because the two cards are linked in the show, they somehow have to fight for the same space; it doesn't really seem like a great idea to run either odd-eyes in a chaos dragon deck. even then, OEPD isn't the worst idea if you're running pendulums in the deck you want to search

2nd December 2015, 11:07 PM
In a Dragon Pendulum deck, you would run Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, but in an Chaos Dragon, it's not really useful, since it doesn't go to the graveyard for most of the time, and Chaos decks need graveyard resources to work. That's why Pendulum Cards aren't suited for Chaos decks. They help to summon your non-Pendulum cards and spam the field with them, but there are better ideas because your main goal is summoning your Chaos monsters if you really focus on the Chaos aspect. Odd-Eyes Saber requiring Odd-Eyes Dragon for its Special Summon is a nice instant set-up, but you necessarily don't need Odd-Eyes Saber.

But in Pendulum decks, even in Odd-Eyes decks, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is simply better than either Odd-Eyes Dragon or Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon. It's unlikely that Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon would end dead in your hand. If that's the case, it's either because your opponent is locking you down or you did something horribly wrong with your Pendulum Scale setting.