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white dragon
2nd December 2015, 08:39 PM
Me and my team were developing for a year now advanced yugioh rankings for players. You can find it here: http://rankings.yugioh-planet.net

Tournament organizers are uploading files from the Cossy to our system and then we do all the math. We know things like how many (and which) tournaments you visited, who and when you defeated other players, how many losses and wins you have. Actually, everything you can think of, even penalties. From that data we give you:

Rating points
Level (50 MAX)
Lavel category (Newbie, summoner, hero, magician, dragon etc)
win:lose ratio
and we can even calculate the probability of winning against other players (for registered users)

Currently, we are applying thin only in Croatia and you cannot register if you are not listed in our database (1000 players) but we would like to spread on other countries as well. For that, we need some business plan and find a way for monetise it.

What do you think? Do you find it interesting? What would you change?

Do you have an idea for the business plan so we can continue with developing this in a real product?