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10th September 2015, 04:41 AM
If you know where my username originates from, you saw this one coming. I can't really just neglect posting about it here. Now, the name may confuse you, but Sound Horizon is actually a Japanese "fantasy band", led by the only permanent member, Revo. I consider that much a formality, as the majority of the people who work with Sound Horizon come back for another go, or in some cases have been involved for over a decade. Sound Horizon is primarily about telling a story through the usage of music, but with a twist. The story is not laid out for you, and it requires critical thinking and can be quite fun to discuss with others even the smallest of things. Each of the stories that Sound Horizon tells are referred to as "horizons" respectively. Horizons 1-7 are released, along with the 9th. (The 8th is coming soon, so don't worry about that.) There are also multiple singles to keep an eye out for.

If you are interested, I would suggest starting with "Vanishing Starlight", a single released last year, which ties into the 9th horizon "Nein" (Yes, it's a pun). There exists multiple resources for translations, but a quick Google search for the translators "EJ Sound Horizon translations" or "Defade Sound Horizon translations" should point you in the right direction.