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10th September 2015, 05:10 AM
I have offered onto you sufficient tribute... Now, rise my Emperor! (http://i.imgur.com/Gw3Hwbw.jpg)

So, for a long time the Monarch deck was a very fun niche deck for me. I always ended up falling victim to a Super Polymerization, when I really got down to testing it, though. It's at 1 now, though, and that much makes me happy. You're probably pondering the Reborn in the side, and the simple fact is that the deck doesn't actually need it. Well, no deck arguably needs it, it is one of the best staples of the format, though. I have it sided for that reason, it is one of the best card options. Deck space is tight, though, and it can actually turn out to be a dead draw. "And the Band Played On" is probably the best Side Deck card you could ask for, it's just that most decks simply can't run it, if only because it hurts them as well. Slowing down your Aither isn't ideal, but neither is getting OTK'd by a circus of clowns.

I've put a lot of time and energy into this deck, without going overboard on the Zaborg aspect. Miracle Synchro Fusion into Naturia Exterio seems like it would be worth running, but in testing I think the deck works just fine without it. Elder Entity N'tss is going to be legal at the same time that the deck itself is, so I hope you don't see me as cheating with it. I would argue all day that the utility here is overpowering the deck's desire to have no Extra Deck. PSYFrame Omega is mostly there for recycling said N'tss copies, but it actually puts in a lot of utility for generic returning and disruption of the opponent. Helps keep the pointy blades away from said clowns. My opponent will have to actually play the game to get their Xyz Summons, thank you.

I wonder what else I could do with the Extra Deck, as 99% of the time it won't even be a thought to use it at all. I'm open to critiques and comments, so keep them coming!

10th September 2015, 03:54 PM
I see your Monarch list and I raise you mine.

My Offering (http://i.imgur.com/Hd4daFS.jpg)

I was testing Advance Zone for more consistency and advantage, but it's not necessary. Also, Overwhelm is too good.

Dominion, March and Erupt more than compensate for the lack of Extra Deck. Tribute Summoning is the most "honest" method of summoning big beaters in the game, so why ruin it (and give Shaddolls/Infernoids a free Fusion) by making some largely-irrelevant Synchro or Xyz monster?

10th September 2015, 08:49 PM
Interesting. It's a very fine offering that you have here!

I may not have been very clear on this, so forgive me. My Extra Deck is solely used to activate in the Graveyard. I decided against Exterio and the like for similar reasons to your justification. But the combo of N'tss popping any 3 cards (This works no matter how it is sent to the Graveyard, a pretty funny oversight considering Konami tried so hard to avoid it becoming another free advantage card like Norden) just seems too good for me to pass up. March is a card I personally have a love-hate relationship with. I've fiddled around with it, and it has served me well, but it also means I would have to ditch Kuraz, which also has done far more work than you would ever expect.

I'm also feeling very uncomfortable with the prospect of getting rid of the Nekroz hate in the Side. Memory is still strong, even if the deck is done clowning around.

Never considered Overwhelm, but I have toyed around with Proof of Powerlessness recently in a BLS/Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon deck using the two Gaia monsters that fit a lot of hilarious requirements in the game. Would probably be very inconsistent in a Monarch deck, though. Escalation for me is what really brings the entire deck together, which kind of puzzles me that you aren't using it. We may have a different means, but the ends of the deck seem best when you can play during your opponent's turn, if you ask me. Aither is a way to do this, sure, but it can be enhanced further. Reinforce Truth's "downside" becomes laughable in context of using it during the opponent's turn.

I have a hard time deciding between March and Return, though. Searching in this deck is surprisingly its worst aspect. Aither helps, but only Kuraz gives the immediate satisfaction, with the downside of not being able to battle.