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14th September 2015, 05:44 AM
Since this is the Org Forums official launch, i guess ill post this deck. Posted it once before on the org page but i can post it on here as well. First off, the Pal search engine is ridiculous. HAving either a Skullcrobat or Monkeyboard is an instant scale, whether or not you opp has something to stop you that is. Red Resonator with Pendulum Wizard is a good combo to search out other Pals as well. The deck has amazing search power and you can get your combos out fast. Metaphys Horus....MVP of the deck. Red Resonator with one of your level 4 pal can negate something and take an opponent's monster. The amount of times Ive done this is too many. One of my number one plays in the deck. Might drop something in the extra to add a second one. The Dracoslayer engine is pretty obvious at this point and is too good. OEMD is a good card to extend plays and Scrap Dragon is a good card to get rid of a pendulum scale or to pop Echo Oscillation. Might also drop a chain resonator for another level 3 resonator. Other than those 3 cards, the etra deck can be whatever fits your taste. Now the deck is no where near the level of the Xyz Pal deck but its still good and fun to play. Let me know what you guys think of the deck :D Will most likely have a video of this deck in action within the next two weeks.



14th September 2015, 06:28 AM
Very interesting idea.

The concept behind it seems pretty solid. Red Resonator does combo pretty well with Sorcerer and also helps bring out Horus. Maybe limit Chain to 1 seeing as how you would always want Red and Creation in hand to start your combos and plays. I don't really see a problem with the deck since I haven't tried it out, but once I have, I'll come back and give more opinions on this beautiful deck.

Also, add 1 Archfiend Eccentrick <3

14th September 2015, 07:47 PM
I have to give you props for not including Dark Resonator. Despite falling far from grace, many people still insist upon using such. Not sure how I feel about Scrap Dragon, either. I can't say too much, because this is a TCG deck with the OCG-cardpool, but I like what you're going for here.